Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy Epiphany to One and All

A very Happy Epiphany to all our readers.

Today is the last of the Twelve Days of Christmas, so if your decorations aren't down yet you could well be destined to be one of the ne'erdowells and lazy gits who leave Rudolph on their roof and icicles on their guttering all year round!

Many Spaniards and Italians - even living in the UK - do not give their "Christmas" presents until the Eve of Epiphany and, when you think about it, this makes more sense because as well as celebrating Christmas and the birth of Christ they give their gifts at the time when we remember the Three Kings giving their gifts.

As anyone who sang carols this Christmas (or even back in school) will remember the Three Kings gave gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh: highlighting the fact that Christ was born to be King, Priest and Sacrifice.

A friend who went to Bethlehem for Midnight Mass made an interesting point the other day. The Jewish elders told King Herod that the Christ Child was born in Bethlehem (according to the prophets) after the Three Kings told Herod they were off to find the King of Kings.

Herod, who would go on to murder every child under the age of two in Bethlehem in his blood lust and insatiable desire to stay as the hedonistic King of Judea, won this information from the Sanhedrin (who would later orchestrate the crucifixion of Christ) who therefore knew the place and the time of Christ's birth.

My friend said that Bethlehem is just five miles from Jerusalem - easily a day's ride even in the days before Israeli Tanks and Caterpillar Bulldozers - yet the Jewish leaders did not even bother to travel those few miles.

Did they know - even at that stage - that the Christ was come to expose the Synagogue of Satan? Did they sense, from 'their father the devil,' that the Christ would cause enmity between them and Christians for thousands of years?

One can almost imagine the Jewish Elders looking down their noses at the Three Kings - 'these goyim interlopers '- and thus dismissing the Christ Child from His birth onwards...

So Happy Epiphany to one and all!

Let's remember Christ is and was our King, Priest and Sacrifice as we fight our struggle against the descendants of those who rejected Him and who still - to this day - use their weasel words and hired hands to justify the unjustifiable and foment upheaval to bring about their New World Order.

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