Thursday, 22 January 2009

Obama Swearing In, Zionist Jews & The Missing Bible

So Obama fluffed his swearing-in as the 44th President of the USA!

Right: Obama - "Yo ho' I'm wearing the trousers in dis White House!" Hillary - "Just get rid of that damn Bible would you."

And he repeated the procedure the next day behind closed doors in the White House without the Bible!!!

Is this a sign of things to come as yet another US President cloaks himself in "God Bless America" whilst sanctioning needless wars, promoting homosexuals' "rights" and sticking the knife in on American families, and anti-Zionist nations?

Oooooh! Conspiracy websites and blogs must going ballistic!

Whilst on the subject of the Bible, hands up who saw last Thursday's Question Time on BBC1. If you missed it it's still on the BBC's watch-again facility today.

When on the subject of Israel, Jewish members of the audience (surely there in bigger numbers than their percentage of the population???) couldn't help but keep shouting down Baroness Tonge (sp?) who, to be fair, took a pretty good line, though she missed the fact that Israel have - and continue - to blockade Gaza (stopping food, aid and medicine getting in) because they disagree with democracy for the Palestinians (that is, when the Palestinians choose an anti-Zionist party as opposed to one hand-picked for them by the Israelis).

At one stage an Asian gent in the audience (who said he wasn't anti-Israel, anti-Jew etc.) spoke up against Israel's disproportionate actions only for some hideous Zionist to shout him down with the classic line "have you read the Bible lately."

His inference was that the Bible somehow justifies the actions of murderous Zionists.

Let's look at that:

Has the Zionist in question read the Bible lately? He will find umpteen quotes against the Jewish authorities and rabbis, denouncing them as sons of Satan. If he were a theologian he might understand that by killing the Son of God any and all "agreements" are null and void, and the Bible makes it clear that the Christian Church now constitutes "God's people."

Or is he one of those twisted Zionists that uses lip-service to the Bible whilst ignoring by far the most important part of it: The Passion and Death of Jesus Christ?

I just found it amusing that this twisted Zionist "just back from Israel" dared to use the Bible in his defence of atrocities committed against Christians and other Arabs in Gaza.

Now that's Chutzpah!

Left: The Bible, before it entered the flames. This damage was inflicted just by Hillary's fiery breath!

Perhaps Obama sneaked the White House Bible away to look up Christ's denunciations of the Jews?

More likely he, Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel burnt it, whilst dancing naked in the woods at Bohemian Grove, over an effigy of Baphomet and Mother Earth bonking!

That's some nasty imagery right there! Oh dear, loyal reader: you'll be having nightmares tonight.



café paris said...

I hope Obama will change USA... and perhaps the world !

behind blue eyes said...

FC, I just can't watch Question Time anymore without wanting to do a Chuck Norris on the television! As we are in a Zionist Talmudic manufactured economic meltdown I certainly can't afford a new one. The questions and people are vetted before they go on air. Its typical BBC stage management at its very worst. I have just seen in the paper that Liam 'Zionist Apologist Conservative Friend of Israel Supporter' Fox is on tonight. Now I know I'll definately take a chainsaw to the tele. Good old Liam. Lovely fella.

"All I would say is even in dealing with Israel we must remember that in the battle for the values that we stand for, for democracy against theocracy, for democratic liberal values against repression - Israel’s enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together or we will all fall divided.”
Dr Liam Fox MP, Shadow Defence Secretary, Conservative Party Conference, 3 October 2006

The pro-Zionist must have been referring to the Old Testament as this is full of references to Jews being God's 'Chosen people' and their superiority etc. However, The New Testament is a different matter.

The putrid miscreant obviously conveniently forgot about The Ten Commandments.

Thou Shall Not Kill - indiscriminate mass murder
of children in Gaza.

Thou Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me - apart from Baal, Moloch and Mammon.

Thou Shall Not Steal - apart from Palestinian land.

One Nation Under God is now One Nation Under Satan.

It must have been some party. Crates of the finest vintage Rothschild wine being quaffed. Some Goyim veal a la carte. Followed by everyone dressing up like characters from 'Eyes Wide Shut' and having a right old demonic knees up.

Anonymous said...

What do you call a blackman in a White House?


Final Conflict said...

BBE: now I've got an image of you with a tea towel tied around your head (in a Chuck Norris stylee) making bizarre Hong Kong Phooey style gestures at the electronic talmud as Mrs BBE looks on perplexed and bewildered (yet fatalistically resigned to her fate!)

behind blue eyes said...

I've got the tea towel, I just need to find a dressing gown. She'll look even more bewildered when I attack her television dressed in her Bet Lynch type dressing gown shouting 'death to the panoptic goggle box'!

Hong Kong Phooey eh. Now that's a blast from the past. I used to love that cartoon when I was younger.

Final Conflict said...

eeeh. When I were a lad and Hong Kong Phooey were on 't box (tilts cloth cap back to a 'rakish' angle] all this were fields!

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