Friday, 9 January 2009

Holocaust Denial: USA Run by Anti-Semites

Use these facts against all your Neo Con, uber-liberal, status quo, BBC-believing work colleagues, family members etc.

When American 'choppers' were shot down leading to a day or so's heavy fighting in Mogadishu, Hollywood made a (highly watchable) film, Black Hawk Down, directed by the artistically gifted but somewhat liberal and ecumenical Ridley Scott, who showed the events from a heroic American angle (no! shock horror!).

The Palestinians in Gaza have had many days of assault by a nuclear power against an enclave of 1.5 million people, the latest in 60 plus years of terrorism, forced expulsions, bulldozed homes, illegally tortured civilians etc. etc.

We look forward to the Hollywood film on this, from the Palestinian perspective of course!

Holocaust Denial


Anonymous said...

hollywood is a total fiction, but it is used to plant ideas and attitudes into the minds of those who are not politically conscious. since the zionist invasions of afghanistan and iraq we have been bombarded with films about how evil muslims are and people like nick griffin have swallowed and espoused this propaganda uncritically.

as a morally upright person, there is a lot about the muslim lifestyle that i can respect and admire, these people support family values and dont want their daughters imitating the celebrity whores who are promoted relentlessly by the media.

just as we never see a film that shows a non-compromising christian fundamentalist in a positive light, we will never see muslims portrayed fairly.

Anonymous said...

The attack on Islam is because the jew and their stooges despise those who actually 'believe in something' (other than that which is kosher!).

That is why, the more one reads into the actual creation of al-qaeda, the more one can see the influence of Mossad. The jew has found the criminal type and socially inadequate 'Muslim' to goad the West (read: Christian) into fighting them on the jews behalf (neo-con agenda).

The fact that Muslims are in our lands, as are Hindus, Sikhs etc. is not down to any planned 'invasion', BUT IS A CONSEQUENCE OF THE GREEDY MONEY-GRUBBERS WHO SEE NOT NATIONS BUT ECONOMIC UNITS TO BE EXPLOITED!

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