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Littlejohn, Global Warming & the 'Holocaust'

In today's Daily Mail Richard Littlejohn brings relief to the bloodied, encircled and battle-weary band of revisionists and their supporters who are painted as Beelzebub's followers in the modern media.

Right: Littlejohn, Melanie Phillips and countless other "right wing" columnists use Holocaustianity to silence criticism of Israel, the Zionist Lobby and everything they do and control.

He says:

"This column has been derided for claiming that belief in global warming is a religion, not a science."

Quite so Mr. Littlejohn!

But if this is the case, and if there is a racket going on - an "industry" if you will - with vast amounts of money involved, brow-beating of anyone who dares oppose it, a virtual media blackout of opposing voices and so on ad nauseum, what dare Mr. Littlejohn say about the Holocaust Industry (aka Shoa Business)?

With flimsy Soviet-built evidence, the word of profiteers and the backing of an Israeli Lobby that depends on Holocaustianity Guilt to get away with mass murder, illegal spy rings, illegal nukes, state-sponsored terrorism, torture, ethnic cleansing and much worse; we can safely say that if Global Warming is a religion then how much more so is Holocaustianity?

As writers better and braver than I have contested, Holocaustianity has sought to replace the Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary as the epicentre of history and the singular event in history that won man's deliverance, with the "sacrifice" of the alleged 6 million as the epicentre of history - an event which delivered a people (who have long derided Christ and His Death and Resurrection - Christ Deniers if you will) their State, Israel.

Holocaustianity has its shrines, its temples, its clerics, its followers, its preachers and more.

It also has a stranglehold on the media, with the likes of Littlejohn himself using it to excuse the worst excesses of Israeli murder and the leaked news of vile anti-gentile actions, guidelines and texts both ancient and modern that very rarely leak into the media.

Darwin's creed of evolution is also a religion, for there is no proof, there are no "missing links" and we are taught it as fact (not theory) in school. It too has its believers, its high priests, its structures and temples.

Some years ago a book on evolution was entitled "Why Colleges Breed Communists" as it argued that modern schools preached Darwinism to "prove" to schoolchildren that God didn't exist, the Creation was a myth.

In those same schools we now see Holocaustianity pushed, alongside Darwinism, rights for homosexuals, "safe sex" and all the rest of the modern world's creed.

If the Evolutionary Theory (yes, it is just a Theory) meant that 'Colleges Breed Communists' then you can be sure, dear reader, that Holocaustianity is pumped into our schools (not, you'll notice studies of Communism's gulags, or the role of Jewry in anti-Christian Communism) in an attempt to get our colleges to breed Zionists.

Once upon a time many people (sheep if you like, certainly many cattle - sorry - goyim) believed in the theory that Capitalism was the zenith of our Civilisation; that the Bankers were modern day gods and the almighty dollar was the altar at which they worshipped.

Recent events have in fact shown Capitalism to be the empty vessel that it was, with usury haven rotted out its insides and the greedy men at the top seen as the sordid little "Wizards of Oz" they undoubtedly are.

Recent events have also shown many people that Israel is in fact a bandit state almost choc full of a murderous, totally racist and anti-Christian people.

Despite the idea that Darwinism could breed Communists, almost half of British people don't believe in it; and many people are now starting to question Global Warming and its acolytes.

All of these false creeds are starting to crumble, for none of them can bear any close inspection and rely on the blind faith of their followers, coupled with the guilt, fear or greed of everyone else.

Of course Holocaustianity has the edge for the very notion of questioning it is illegal in several nations and is all but verboten in our "free" media.

When Communists, Zionists, Capitalists, Freemasons et al question Christianity they come up against a brick wall because the facts of it are undeniable. Its history is proven, its central tenets have been proven right time and time again, and its social teaching is for the betterment of man, families, communities and nations.

Their own creeds do not stand up to any scrutiny at all and have to constantly mutate, die and be reborn in order to hoodwink new generations into slavery and subservience.

Through the Centuries Christian Crusaders, preachers and stalwarts have faced down these enemies of civilisation, using debate and the sword to bring about their downfall. The difference today is that the enemies of civilisation, those who have stood behind the forces trying to subvert Christendom -- Judeo-Freemasonry -- are in the ascendancy and control our governments, the banks, the media et al. which is why they screech (like the "alien" Bodysnatchers in the film Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, which itself was a warning against Communism and how it subverts free minds) whenever a Revisionist rears his head or speaks the truth (witness Bishop Williamson).

Despite all this, one thing we can all be assured of is that when Holocaustianity and the rest of the modern world's creeds have crumbled, Christianity will still stand as it has for 2000 years. And Holocaustianity will be just another bad memory consigned to the dustbin with Communism, Capitalism and all the other "isms" that have assailed Christian Civilisation down the centuries.

When Leon Degrelle stood in the ruins of Europe in 1945 and the Red Beast was bearing down on central Europe, with its NKVD Commissars urging native Russians and others to take their revenge via rape, murder and pillage he knew that Europe would survive, that Communism would crumble and that Christianity would win through in places like Poland and Russia, with the spires of ancient churches (many laid low by the USAAF/RAF) would rise again.

The Roman Empire fed Christians to the lions, the Communists murdered millions of Ukrainian Christians, the Capitalists fed millions of Christians into their slave-like factories, mines and workhouses.

Holocaustianity is now attempting to brow beat anyone that opposes it into silence via jails and media approbation. Even Poles who tried to raise Crosses to remember Polish war dead at Auschwitz were assaulted, besmirched and thrown out by Zionist activists in their sheer hatred of anything Christian!

Perhaps the Zundels, Rudolfs and Mahlers of this world should join hands and start singing "we shall overcome" in order to win their freedom?

The modern jailers will get no further than their NKVD counterparts in the Ukraine of 1933 or Germany 1945.

As Christ Himself said: The Truth will set you free. Not that the bought and sold media columnists like Littlejohn would know that being Israel Firsters almost to a man.

In Hoc Signo Vinces.


Final Conflict said...

In the main article of his page, Littlejohn rightly attacks Gordon "Saviour of the World" Brown for traveling the Globe and preaching salvation when he has sold the family jewelry and left the cupboard empty.

What Littlejohn - like other columnists - doesn't do is offer ANY solutions.

It's all raise taxes [lefties] or cut spending [righties]; either way we get more unemployed and increased debts/taxes in the long run.

None of them dare say that it is usury-Banking that is wrong; that the international financiers are to blame, that we need to break free from the grip of the Rothschilds if we are to know real freedom, with lower taxes and greater state spending.

Usury is the elephant in the room that Messers Brown, Littlejohn, Cameron and all the media "experts" daren't mention.

Again Christ said money is the root of all evil and once we recognise that basic truth then it will indeed set us free...

Free of usury banking, free of crippling debt, free of exorbitant taxes, free of traitor politicians and free of alien parasitic banking clans.

Here endeth the rant!


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