Friday, 27 March 2009

Tory MEP Daniel Hannan on UK Debt & Gordon Brown

Tory Boy Daniel Hannan MEP takes on failed Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the Euro Parliament for making the UK bankrupt.


Anonymous said...

Excellent speech, I noticed that the BBC declined to mention let alone air it.

Brown/Labour economic theory is based on Marxism (and we know that lazy crud Karl Marx aks. Mordechai Levi, who didn't do a day's work in his life and was in fact kept and bankrolled by his Capitalist friend Engels in much the same way that all these Marxists are the bitches of their 'enemies') which seeks to consolidate and strengthen the financiers power.

This is relevant to the so-called G20 protesters, they are merely mouthing what their marxist puppet-masters want them to say while keeping peoples attention away from the TRUTH. These legions of the unwashed who spout Communist/Anarchist/Class War/Feminist/Environmental/Anti-War rhetoric will be given acres upon acres of newspaper coverage and have themselves placed on the airwaves to somehow create the illusion that the people are channelling their anger through these cretins.

What they fail to realise is that the vast majority of the peoples of this Island are yet to express their discontent with 'look at me' posing, but when they eventually snap as it were, woe betide all those who stand in their way, and yes, that includes all these divisive grouplets of the unwashed and student wankers, they are afterall not speaking for anyone but themselves and only exist because they are indulged and are not subject to the 'State Repression' they are so fond of claiming they are.

Abe Bird said...

Karl Marx converted to Christianity in his youth, so do me a favor and blame the Christians in what ever you want and leave the Jews deal with the Falsetinians ProPALganda Shiity as they know and can.

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