Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Last Week's Quote: Deep Purple's Ian Gillan on Money

"I don't think happiness comes with money but if you are hungry you can't be as happy as if you aren't hungry. I think there's something about having a purpose in life and a sense of belonging that is more important than money for any human being."

Ian Gillan (Deep Purple)
Sunday Telegraph,
15th March 2009.

Gillan's quote is almost Tolkienesque in its profundity and simplicity. That and he sang Smoke on the Water! Yee ha!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

George Galloway MP Barred from Canada

Are the Zionists really so afraid of anyone who nibbles away at the edge of their controlled worldview?

Will the British government or parliament complain to this Commonwealth nation that a British MP is barred?

Brazilian Archbishop Slates Holohoax Propaganda

You will notice in this article that a Zionist spokesman dare not refute the fact that more Catholics died in what is now called "the Holocaust."

Right: Dom Dadeus Grings the archbishop of Porto Alegre, declared that "more Catholics than Jews have died in the Holocaust, but this is not usually told because Jews own the world's propaganda."

This is something that many "moderate" people have stated, e.g. in regards to Auschwitz. You may remember that Polish Nuns were in Auschwitz and erected Crosses to remember all the Polish (Catholic) people who died there -- only for rabid Zionists to descend on the place, pull down the crosses and defame the poor nuns.

This Archbishop is no "extremist." The Zionists can't paint him as belonging to some kind of "nazi sect" or "extremist Catholic group."

Not that it will stop the mad Zionists from screeching for his head, nor will it prevent the uber-liberals joining in the wailing "for fear of the Jews."

How fitting just before Good Friday!

How many more clerics are waiting in the wings to decry the stranglehold on the modern media, universities, publishing etc. by Zionists and their hirelings?

Bravo to this Archbishop! He has shown that there are still brave souls who will defend the Truth.

Brazilian Archbishop on the Holocaust

Zionst News Agency on Brazilian Archbishop

Press TV on Brazilian Archbishop

This is War by Avalon, Blood & Honour band

This is War is a great song, the title track of probably the band's best CD.

It's certainly one of the best selling CDs FC sells.

The CD comes with a booklet containing full album lyrics (as above) and also has four bonus live tracks, recorded at a Blood and Honour open air concert in Kent, England which captures the professionalism of the band (watch out for those live guitar solos!).

This is War CD with bonus tracks

Jacqui Smith, Porno-Gate & Yet More Fiddling (Sorry!)

There is little worse for a politician to be caught in flagrante delicto, red handed, pants down, in the act of Ugandan discussions as it were.

Right: The boss of the police throughout the UK is ostensibly breaking the law by fiddling her expenses, and now we find out that "Mr Smith" is fiddling too, in his own squalid style.

The image of David Mellor partaking in carnal knowledge wearing his Chelsea shirt had millions reaching for the sick bucket. They didn't know that the whole story was revenge for Mellor's outspoken attack on Israel some months before.

But there's the lesson. If they cannot bribe or coerce you onto their side, they will ruin you, given half the chance.

In By Way of Deception the ex-Mossad man Viktor Ostrovsky makes it clear that greed, pride and sex are the main ways of blackmailing, winning-over or destroying the enemies of Zionism. Read the book. It's there in black and white.

Now imagine there's a politician who isn't greedy, mad for power, an egotist or a sexual deviant.

Can you think of any? You can probably count them on one hand.

That is why there will never be realistic change in this country. They are bribed via Union or banking sinecures, or they are silenced by the Party System with its handouts from the offices of the Party Whips. Their egos are massaged by a fawning Zionist media until they have overplayed their usefulness. Any who buck the trend will have the minutiae of their private lives trawled through and if there's nowt there they will be set-up a la Mr. Mellor.Check Spelling
On top of all this we have the period at the end of any government when they seem to go into a suicidal free-fall.

We saw it with the Tories and now we see it under Nu-Labour. Eventually we'll see it with "Call Me Dave" Cameron's Nu-Tories as sure as eggs is eggs.

Then there'll be a revamped Labour Party ready to step into the breach, and so the whole Masonic see-saw politics (Left, Right, Left, Right) will continue ad nauseum and the media will play their part.

What we are seeing now with government ministers fiddling their expenses is just part of this Götterdämmerung of Nu-Labour as the Masonic snake sheds one layer of skin for a new one, so the sheople think it is all shiny and new, and a changed animal.

We, the astute thinkers that we are dear reader, know that this is all show of course. The backers remain the same. Powerful lobbies like the Rothschilds, the Bilderbergers and others remain pulling the strings of their media, banking, big business, military and political marionettes.

Yes, it's embarrassing for the politicos to be caught in flagrante delicto whichever hue they are. How much more embarrassing for a Nu Labour wymmun to be caught with her husband (different surname, natch!) and her parliamentary advisor (i.e. they are one and the same person - she obviously believes in nepotism as well as flagrant thieving from the public purse) fiddling (zoiks!) by claiming porno films on her parliamentary expenses...

What will she tell the NuLabour sisters about her hubby (the one with the different name living in her "second home" with their children as she lives in their "main home" - the broom cupboard at her sister's house) watching porno movies at the public expense?

She won't be worried about the money. She won't really care what her husband gets up to at their "second home" when she's telling us that Al Qaeda poses more of a threat than the guns and drugs gangs that infest our cities that have become Third World hunting grounds.

After all, this is the woman behind the whole 'safe kebab' fiasco who tried to tell us how safe it was to walk the coloured-dominant streets of London at night (neglecting to mention she had bodyguards... and... erm... it was the afternoon!).

This is a woman with no shame, content to fiddle expenses (illegal and a sackable offence in the real world), adept at lying to cover her butt and all the time fiddling (quite literally) while our Rome burns.

No, what the public thinks has never mattered, a new "red terror alert" will be designed to change the headlines. "Ms." Smith will only care that her image is now tarnished by Porno-Gate amongst the NuLabour apparatchiks and all hey wymmins-rights comrades.

For when rent-a-snob Tories turn up at the next Nu-Lab shindig carrying "Sponsored by Kleenex" banners it will show that the Nu-Lab hierarchy don't even believe in their own feminist agenda, something at the heart of their social-control agenda.

As the NuLab government seek to foist prime time TV ads for condoms (which don't stop pregnancies, HIV or STDs and promote promiscuity) and "pregnancy advisory services" (i.e. businesses/charities that profit from abortion referrals) how comforting to know that they treat us to their degenerate social experiments whilst they sit at home forking (I said forking!) out money to big businesses to watch degenerate porn (remember most porno is traced back to Talmudic-owned businesses).

It is yet another case of "do what we say not what we do."

Oh yes!

"We must all tighten our belts" say the government minister whilst fiddling expenses, giving the green light to banksters bonuses and turning a blind eye to boardroom mega-wage packets.

"Security is our first priority" says the government minister whilst our streets are prowled by muggers and drugs gangs.

"British jobs for British workers" says the government minister (er... PM!) whilst they have no intention of doing that (which would be illegal under EU laws anyway!).

But (as Eurosceptic Daniel Hannan MEP might say) they know and we know and they know that we know that all this is bunkum, sound bytes fed to the media for an evening's headlines in our 24 hour media world.

The new aspect of this kerfuffle is that it will upset the feministas in NuLab more than any lies, dodgy money and even criminal connections (these are people who brought Lord "Hello Russian Sailor" Mandelson back into government for goodness sake!).

The cat is out of the bag (and that's not a euphemism for "Mr.Smith's" nocturnal proclivities) that when it comes to their "Core values" (now, now, stop laughing!) these politicos don't even believe in them!

We all know they jettisoned Socialism years ago, just like the Tories jettisoned any positive values embedded in conservatism, and the Lib Dems jettisoned any remnant of positive values in liberalism when they signed up to EU neo-Stalinism).

This is akin to a public acknowledgement that the insides of NuLab are a rotten, festering mess. Will the NuLab sisters ever forgive "Ms." Smith? Let's hope not.

Smith's "Dirty Bomb alert" Neo Con Cobblers

Richard Timney ("Mr Smith") Says Sorry for Porno-Gate

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Bishop Richard Williamson Essay in Rural Book

This book, published in Ireland, has a great essay in it by Bishop Richard Williamson, so beloved of late by the talking heads on the Electronic Talmud.

Entitled Ruralism Versus Urbanism it is one of many essays dealing with ruralism from a practical, political, social and other perspectives.

The Rural Solution

Brigade M brought a pan-European, Third Position politics to the skinhead scene, with their distinctive punky Oi sound.

Their "best of" CD, produced especially by FC as their only CD exclusively in English, is still available, and is on special offer at just £6.

With great songs such as European Unity, Political Soldier, Hate, Mr WP R&R and many more - and a special bonus video track! - it's well worth getting.

Brigade M - National Revolutionary

Friday, 27 March 2009

UKIP's Nigel Farrage MEP Lambasts Gordon Brown for not Saying Sorry

Farrage may be a career politician too, but this is worth watching for the comments on Gordon Brown's sale of the gold reserves if nothing else!

Tory MEP Daniel Hannan on UK Debt & Gordon Brown

Tory Boy Daniel Hannan MEP takes on failed Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the Euro Parliament for making the UK bankrupt.

Littlejohn, Global Warming & the 'Holocaust'

In today's Daily Mail Richard Littlejohn brings relief to the bloodied, encircled and battle-weary band of revisionists and their supporters who are painted as Beelzebub's followers in the modern media.

Right: Littlejohn, Melanie Phillips and countless other "right wing" columnists use Holocaustianity to silence criticism of Israel, the Zionist Lobby and everything they do and control.

He says:

"This column has been derided for claiming that belief in global warming is a religion, not a science."

Quite so Mr. Littlejohn!

But if this is the case, and if there is a racket going on - an "industry" if you will - with vast amounts of money involved, brow-beating of anyone who dares oppose it, a virtual media blackout of opposing voices and so on ad nauseum, what dare Mr. Littlejohn say about the Holocaust Industry (aka Shoa Business)?

With flimsy Soviet-built evidence, the word of profiteers and the backing of an Israeli Lobby that depends on Holocaustianity Guilt to get away with mass murder, illegal spy rings, illegal nukes, state-sponsored terrorism, torture, ethnic cleansing and much worse; we can safely say that if Global Warming is a religion then how much more so is Holocaustianity?

As writers better and braver than I have contested, Holocaustianity has sought to replace the Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary as the epicentre of history and the singular event in history that won man's deliverance, with the "sacrifice" of the alleged 6 million as the epicentre of history - an event which delivered a people (who have long derided Christ and His Death and Resurrection - Christ Deniers if you will) their State, Israel.

Holocaustianity has its shrines, its temples, its clerics, its followers, its preachers and more.

It also has a stranglehold on the media, with the likes of Littlejohn himself using it to excuse the worst excesses of Israeli murder and the leaked news of vile anti-gentile actions, guidelines and texts both ancient and modern that very rarely leak into the media.

Darwin's creed of evolution is also a religion, for there is no proof, there are no "missing links" and we are taught it as fact (not theory) in school. It too has its believers, its high priests, its structures and temples.

Some years ago a book on evolution was entitled "Why Colleges Breed Communists" as it argued that modern schools preached Darwinism to "prove" to schoolchildren that God didn't exist, the Creation was a myth.

In those same schools we now see Holocaustianity pushed, alongside Darwinism, rights for homosexuals, "safe sex" and all the rest of the modern world's creed.

If the Evolutionary Theory (yes, it is just a Theory) meant that 'Colleges Breed Communists' then you can be sure, dear reader, that Holocaustianity is pumped into our schools (not, you'll notice studies of Communism's gulags, or the role of Jewry in anti-Christian Communism) in an attempt to get our colleges to breed Zionists.

Once upon a time many people (sheep if you like, certainly many cattle - sorry - goyim) believed in the theory that Capitalism was the zenith of our Civilisation; that the Bankers were modern day gods and the almighty dollar was the altar at which they worshipped.

Recent events have in fact shown Capitalism to be the empty vessel that it was, with usury haven rotted out its insides and the greedy men at the top seen as the sordid little "Wizards of Oz" they undoubtedly are.

Recent events have also shown many people that Israel is in fact a bandit state almost choc full of a murderous, totally racist and anti-Christian people.

Despite the idea that Darwinism could breed Communists, almost half of British people don't believe in it; and many people are now starting to question Global Warming and its acolytes.

All of these false creeds are starting to crumble, for none of them can bear any close inspection and rely on the blind faith of their followers, coupled with the guilt, fear or greed of everyone else.

Of course Holocaustianity has the edge for the very notion of questioning it is illegal in several nations and is all but verboten in our "free" media.

When Communists, Zionists, Capitalists, Freemasons et al question Christianity they come up against a brick wall because the facts of it are undeniable. Its history is proven, its central tenets have been proven right time and time again, and its social teaching is for the betterment of man, families, communities and nations.

Their own creeds do not stand up to any scrutiny at all and have to constantly mutate, die and be reborn in order to hoodwink new generations into slavery and subservience.

Through the Centuries Christian Crusaders, preachers and stalwarts have faced down these enemies of civilisation, using debate and the sword to bring about their downfall. The difference today is that the enemies of civilisation, those who have stood behind the forces trying to subvert Christendom -- Judeo-Freemasonry -- are in the ascendancy and control our governments, the banks, the media et al. which is why they screech (like the "alien" Bodysnatchers in the film Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, which itself was a warning against Communism and how it subverts free minds) whenever a Revisionist rears his head or speaks the truth (witness Bishop Williamson).

Despite all this, one thing we can all be assured of is that when Holocaustianity and the rest of the modern world's creeds have crumbled, Christianity will still stand as it has for 2000 years. And Holocaustianity will be just another bad memory consigned to the dustbin with Communism, Capitalism and all the other "isms" that have assailed Christian Civilisation down the centuries.

When Leon Degrelle stood in the ruins of Europe in 1945 and the Red Beast was bearing down on central Europe, with its NKVD Commissars urging native Russians and others to take their revenge via rape, murder and pillage he knew that Europe would survive, that Communism would crumble and that Christianity would win through in places like Poland and Russia, with the spires of ancient churches (many laid low by the USAAF/RAF) would rise again.

The Roman Empire fed Christians to the lions, the Communists murdered millions of Ukrainian Christians, the Capitalists fed millions of Christians into their slave-like factories, mines and workhouses.

Holocaustianity is now attempting to brow beat anyone that opposes it into silence via jails and media approbation. Even Poles who tried to raise Crosses to remember Polish war dead at Auschwitz were assaulted, besmirched and thrown out by Zionist activists in their sheer hatred of anything Christian!

Perhaps the Zundels, Rudolfs and Mahlers of this world should join hands and start singing "we shall overcome" in order to win their freedom?

The modern jailers will get no further than their NKVD counterparts in the Ukraine of 1933 or Germany 1945.

As Christ Himself said: The Truth will set you free. Not that the bought and sold media columnists like Littlejohn would know that being Israel Firsters almost to a man.

In Hoc Signo Vinces.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Bank Bosses Are Criminals and Usury is Evil

Sir Fred "the Shred" Goodwin had his Edinburgh home and one of his luxury cars attacked.

Right: Christ drives the Usurers out of the Temple, a woodcut by Lucas Cranach the Elder in Passionary of Christ and Antichrist. The usury-bankers and their pet politicians play at being respectable when in reality they go against every tenet of Christianity. Maybe we need some good folks filled with righteous anger?

Oh boo hoo! Poor Sir Fred is hardly fitting for a leading bankster who grew rich from other peoples' suffering, took part in massive profits from usury-loans and grew rich on the proceeds.

The "credit crunch" is irrelevant.

Whether we hit a recession or stay in a boom -- this breed of bankster grows mega-rich by ripping people off via usurious loans and crippling debt.

The fact that so many people have now been thrown in the dole merely rubs salt in the wounds that he and his ilk have created.

The whole Talmudic usury banking system is wrong! Fred the Shred is just one fall guy, and whilst it may be "illegal" to smash his windows, why isn't it totally illegal to charge usurious interest on non-productive loans?

All the family splits, all the suicides, all the broken spirits, all the ruined lives... all these and more lie at the feet of the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Lehmanns and all their hirelings like "Sir Fred" and indeed all the politicians who excuse, bail out and very often go on to work for big banks (one thinks of Norman Lamont and Rothschilds).

So some people may think the group 'Bank Bosses are Criminals' are nothing but petty criminals, but if that is the case -- what should we think of the Bank Bosses themselves?

If those who smash their windows are criminals (and not heroes) then the big bankers, the international financiers, the "new unhappy lords," are nothing but criminals on a massive scale.

They create so much harm via usury loans and they keep all of us under a huge burden of tax debt.

Smashed windows should be the least of these leeches problems, and if we had a government or leaders who put the Common Good before greed and back-handers then usury bankers would get their reward via the gibbet!

Monday, 23 March 2009

60,000 Reasons to Boot Out Shyster Politicians

So, like the Judaic religion and the 6,000,000 (see recent post) our wonderful freedom loving government is hooked on 60,000 (ostensibly for Talmudic reasons!).

As government minister, Tony McNulty, faces embarrassing accusations of pocketing £60,000 for a "second home allowance" which he claims was within "the rules."

This just shows what a bunch of shysters we have leading us, all busy doing the Tel Aviv breaststroke (this involves grabbing as much wonga as you can, using both arms).

McNulty is guilty of following the example of Jacqui Smith, our Home Secretary who was also exposed for milking the system.

It seems that when it comes to politicians and banksters, these people will bend the rules to get themselves tax-payers' money!

Meanwhile, Jacqui Smith (the aforementioned Home Secretary) is pushing the training of 60,000 "civilians" as anti-terrorist spotters.

Oh yes!

there have been press releases telling us that the threat from (CIA ghost) Al Qaeda means that we need all these people trained (at public expense no less).

This is classic 'power of nightmares' stuff, because if Mossad or the CIA plan an attack to drag us into another illegal war, or as a means to bolster support for the illegal Zionist bandit state of Israel, no amount of specially trained terror-spotters, dotted around the UK, will stop a highly trained team of black-ops operatives.

As the tax-payer gets circa £20,000 of debt per head because of the usurious banking system (which our politicians are tied up in) and as we continue to foot the bill of banksters' bonuses and MPs fiddled allowances, isn't it nice to know that we still have he money to launch meaningless initiatives.

All of which helps us recall the "threat of terrorism" and take our eye off the ball.

As a few of us have said via posts and commentaries on this blog - who are the real terrorists?

Who unleashed the terror of mass unemployment? Who allows the terror of street crime/muggings to continue? Who says the terror of loss of identity should continue via mass immigration? Who is pushing the agenda of fear and terror to bring in a police state? Who turns a blind eye to drugs blighted communities with the terror of families torn apart and the terror of being burgled? Who allows the terror or mass murder, a.k.a. abortion?

We have enough terrorism, day in day out in all our towns and cities, that this government has promoted, ignored or been woefully inadequate in dealing with.

Do we really need to hear that we need 60,000 trained "spotters" from a government from whom yet another minister has had his eye on 60,000 shiny pound coins direct from the tax-payer?

We are being conned!

From the "Al Qaeda" Neo Con nonsense to our soldiers dying in soft-skinned Land Rovers in Afghanistan; from usury banking and multi-billion/trillion bail-outs to working communities blighted by unemployment, drugs and crime.

This government, like all before it and like those still to come, has sold out our people (quite literally!).

We don't need 60,000 'terror spotters.' We could do with just 600 decent, honest and patriotic men and women to inhabit Westminster... but don't hold your breath because under this Masonic Party System, it just ain't gonna happen!

Even the "opposition" outside the Lib-Lab-Con have been bought and sold before they even get a sniff of power.

'Twas ever thus.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Last Week's Quote: Churchill on Italian Fascism

"If I had been an Italian, I am sure I would have been entirely with you from the beginning to the end of your victorious struggle."

Winston Churchill,
in an address to the Fascists of Rome,
January 1927.

It was after some inner debate that I ran this quote. I have never been a fan of Churchill since I heard of his role in getting the army to fire on striking workers. That's the sign of a man who has no empathy for social justice.

I think what this quote shows is that Italian Fascism was widely recognised as a force for good and that, despite societal constraints etc. it made Italy a stronger, unified nation wherein the workers enjoyed prosperity (how unlike the UK in 1927!).

The quote also shows that Churchill was a fly-by-night who went whichever way the wind blew, or perhaps whichever way those who paid his debts dictated...

If nothing else, the above quote will allow those kosher Tories and Neo-Con apologists who bandy Churchill's image and fame about as a "Great Briton" with worrying regularity to embrace the Christian, Social Justice and National Freedom tenets of fascism!

Everyone's a winner! ;-)

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day 2009

A very Happy St Patrick's Day to all our Irish readers and supporters of Irish descent.

Who would have thought a decade or two back - with Ireland's media bamboozling the people with EU handouts - that Ireland would become a beacon of freedom for those seeking the downfall of the socialist EU?

With Ireland also holding back the tidal wave of anti-family pro-mass murder laws so central to the EU's neo-Bolshevism and Masonic consumerist atheism, we have a lot to thank "little" Ireland with its 3 million (?) souls for.

Moreover how many activists are responsible for organising Ireland's defiance? Probably in truth a few hundred.

As the drunken war criminal Churchill once said, never have so many owed so much to so few.

So "cheers" to all our Irish comrades for everything they have done to save European culture and civilisation from the machinations of those who think they can own, control and bully all of us.

The Irish have shown that it doesn't have to be that way.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Christmas Assault is Homosexual/Abortion Conspiracy

This is a fascinating piece.

Who bankrolls Planned Parenthood whose candidate now sits in the White House - the media's secular saint, Bull###t Obama?

Can we safely assume that Planned Parenthood is one of the offshoots of the Rothschilds and the New World Order (like the ADL, CFR etc.)

Nationalists must be far more aware of this! Far too many think abortion, homosexuality etc. are "side issues" and, let's be fair, those groups who have become the Zionist defenders of "Western humanism" and little more than anti-Muslim pressure valves, have become ambivalent (at best!) when it comes to abortion, homosexuality and other attacks on the family (after all, the "muzzies" oppose them, so the right of degenerate scum to buy butt plugs must be defended!).

What is clear from even the briefest reading of this piece is that there has been a CONSPIRACY since the 60s by Planned Parenthood (and others) to attack the family and Christian values per se.

Time for nationalists to wake up and fight the real enemy, and not be side-tracked by CIA created ghosts and agent provocateur spook activists (you think it's beneath them -- remember C18?)


Michael Matt's Christmas editorial in The Remnant, "From Bethlehem to Calvary," notes that a burgeoning Christophobia has launched a concerted attack on the birthday of Jesus. Mr. Matt asks just what are these grinches afraid of?

I believe one clue is to be found in the disturbing memo recently made available on the web by Randy Engel at her U.S. Coalition for Life site, www.uscl.info. In this heinous 1969 memo from Planned Parenthood to the Population Council, numerous strategies for controlling world population growth are outlined. The current implementation of many of these proposed policies from forty years ago illustrates the power and influence of the Population Control machine. For example, one of their nefarious schemes is to "encourage increased homosexuality." Yes, your children are being exposed to this life style not because anyone really cares about some nebulous self-fulfillment or self-expression, but because rampant homosexuality will contribute to population reduction!

Abortion, contraception, denigration of marriage, propagandizing women to abandon their homes and enter the workforce, control of education, etc., it's all there in this 1969 blueprint, including compulsory sterilization and child-bearing limits.

The celebration of the birthday of Jesus is the worst nightmare of the Population Control lobby. During this season, the birth of a male child is literally glorified throughout the land. This event is presented as a time of great joy and happiness, with hymns commemorating it. The grotto becomes an archetype of the domestic hearth, with a husband and wife presenting their lovely new-born baby to warmly-welcomed visitors and strangers. And to make matters worse for the Population Control Grinches, the spouses are of opposite sexes!

December 25th flies in the face of the entire secular New World Order agenda, with its anti-family, anti-traditional-marriage, anti-childbirth, and anti-God satanic program. As we know, they even hate the very word "Christmas," attempting to eliminate mention of it in the public square. But the more they attack this Holy Day, the more we should promote it, since it is a Divine wedge uprooting their evil machinations. It teaches us that the birth of a child is something joyful and wonderful, not a "punishment" as President Obama has contended *. And that is why they are afraid of Christmas.

Following is the link to the above mentioned memo containing the deplorable agenda of the Population Control machine:

* http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/apr/08040105.html

Why They Fear Christmas

P.S. A friend read Rega's book on St Francis's attempts to convert the Muslims and said it was very interesting!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Violent Storm - 17 Years On, Always Remembered

Friday, March the 13th 1992 was the day we lost four very close comrades.

Paul Casey
Brian Sheeley
Darren Sheeley
Jason Oakes

17 years on and not a day passes when we don't remember our fallen comrades.

Rest In Peace brothers. White Eagles of Snowdon one and all.

Fe Godwn Ni Eto.

BBC Film Critic Mark Kermode Slams Winslett's Holohoax Oscar

The BBC's very own Mark Kermode (Culture Show, Newsnight Review, Radio 5 Live's wittertainment partner with Simon Mayo et al) has slammed Kate Winslett's Oscar for the holocaust [copyright Shoa Business] film The Reader.

Right: Doctor Mark Kermode, BBC Film Critic, "ex" Communist and the man who exposed (another!) Hollywood conspiracy to promote a(nother!) Holyhoax film.

He says that Angelina Jolie's role in Unforgiven is much better, and even Winslett's role in Revolutionary Road is a better one - but (conspiracy alert!) the Studio didn't put Revolutionary Road forward for her Oscar, thus clearing the way for another holocaust [copyright ADL spooks] film to get yet another - yawn! - Oscar, adding fuel to the fire and making life imitate art (remember our posts on Winslett's Extras character and the whole Holocaust Film = Guaranteed Oscar speech).

Kermode has no reason to lie. In other film reviews (The Boy in Striped Pyjamas most recently) he has stated the importance of Holocaust [copyright Ms. Janner's Paedo-Emporium] films.

Doctor Kermode was a Young Communist and sees nothing wrong with the dystopian reality of a diet of force-fed holocaust [copyright Madoff's Billions] films whilst we are denied any meaningful or big budget films on the Soviet mass-murders in the Ukraine, or The Terror of Masonic France, or the reality of Katyn, or the mass murder of Germans by the Soviets and Americans circa 1944-46, or the horrors of the gulags (and so on ad infinitum) by a Hollywood machinery which bears the same kind of percentage of a certain people that the Soviet Commissars contained (both wioth their anti-Christian objectives: one by the trigger of a gun, one by the flick of a TV set).

As such it is nice to know that there was a 'Hollywood conspiracy' to sideline Revolutionary Road (however depressing/turgid it was) to try and make The Reader a shoe-in for a Winslett Oscar.

Let "the good doctor" pick the bones out of that one!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Anglian Regiment Face Muslim Demonstration: Nationalist Response


Be careful of being suckered in by the well meaning, the gullible and the downright evil.

Right: Our political class has always used our brave soldiers to fight their Zionist wars from which the politicians and their banker chums profit.

The Muslims who demonstrated against the returning soldiers yesterday are probably riddled with MI5 plants and provocateurs, just like those who oppose them.

Their actions are used by NuLabour talking heads to justify our involvement in foreign, useless, murderous Zionist wars.

These are the same NuLabour automatons who send our troops off to die in outdated and dangerous planes, soft-skinned Landrovers and without sufficient body armour - whilst the political class get a handsome wage and pension deal for stating lies about it all.

The "mad mullahs" are a side-show, an irrelevance used by the state and its spooks to usher public opinion down a blind NWO alley.

We have more to fear from the Zionists who embroil us in foreign wars and the Muslims, Sikhs, Jews and African Christians who come here and integrate - than we ever will from a handful of hotheads.

Please be very, very careful.

These choreographed events are being used to dupe you.

By all means oppose Islam. But don't fall for a Zionist/State trick. Oppose liberalism, Zionism and coloured immigration of all 57 varieties too.

Or you will be a foot soldier of the state.

Open your eyes. Think, then act.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

BNP Removes Race-Mixing Video

The BNP has been shamed into removing its video of BNP activists cavorting with a negro on the streets of Wrexham.

They are ashamed of their own embarrassing antics!

But don't expect any real changes, they'll just edit the footage and 'manage' the news output!

Another political party betraying our people.

Michael Jackson & Gordon Brown: The Struggle is One!

Taking the mick out of Michael Jackson is like shooting fish in a barrel.

It almost make you think it is beneath you to do so... almost!

Yes, we saw the Wackiest of Wacky Jackos appear in London - new Kirk Douglasesque chin and all! - to announce his intention to tour.

His appearance to the faithful had all the hallmarks of an American televangelist with the brainwashed and the weak-willed thronging in front, screaming their adulation as they waved their hands in the air.

What is it about Michael Jackson fans that make you think of the weirdo who used to stand alone in the playground with the bum-fluff starter-moustache, NY Yankees baseball hat perched uneasily atop his head at a negro-esque angle and capped sleeve t-shirt showing unwashed armpits?

The kind of ever-juvenile gullible type that might, for example, be blinded by the "fame" of a guess-the-race pop star who would ask him to stay at his mansion... er... and "sleep over" in his bed!

OK. Enough. My sick bucket doth overflow.

But whilst we think we got the bum rap (in oh so many ways!) by getting Wacko Jacko come over here from America, we more than made up for this in a way that must have had Americans wondering what they had done to upset us so.

Yes, our very own Gordon Brown landed in Washington DC for an audience with the media's messiah, President Obama.

Boring Gordon more than got them back for leaving Wacko Jacko free to come over here and abuse our children aurally via his music and his pronouncements!

After all, many people know Michael Jackson has lost the plot. Even those who like his music feel increasingly uneasy at his antics, absurd and self effacing (zoiks!) as they are.

Whereas slightly more people (though the numbers are falling!) still think Gordon Brown is adept at economics and "fiscal management."

Yes, too many people were fooled by the NuLabour machine into jumping into bed with them over the years and now, faces a-blushing, reaching for their solicitor's phone number, they regale their friends with stories of how they feel so abused!

As Jackson has had fans a-screamin' in London, Brown had his... erm... well, er... spectators clapping politely in Washington DC.

Oh yes they stood and clapped when he said what they wanted him to say on the War on Terror (fighting for democracy blah blah blah) but apparently not all the seats had official bums on them, with "staffers" filling the spaces of American representatives not feeling the need to see the Great White Hope of the World.

Yes they clapped when he praised their war-mongering, but failed to clap when he condemned protectionism. They certainly didn't clap when he blamed the world economic crisis on America - because despite repeating this parrot fashion ad nauseum back home to save his own "end of boom and bust" hide, he didn't have the balls to tell the Americans this central plank of his repertoire.

Why so shy Gordon?

Yes, we grimaced at Jackson's speech in London, but we should have been angered by Brown's speech in America.

Brown is a traitor and has lost us trillions, whereas Jackson is a weirdo whom a handful have alleged has betrayed their trust.

People in America and Britain should see through the spin and media-presentations of this Wacko: a weirdo, criminally-insane man responsible for so much hurt, who many believe has acted illegally, who tries to bluff his way by ignoring the facts of the past and surrounding himself with sycophants and hand-picked clapping crowds.

We should be watchful of Michael Jackson too.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Anti-Zionist Christians Unite... in Estonia

September 2008, the place to be: Tallinn, the ancient Estonian city once dwelt in by the ancient Teutonic Crusader order, also known as the Prague of the North.

Right: The Tallinn skyline.

"Why so?" I hear you cry oh faithful and perturbed reader.

Well two luminaries of the anti-Zionist struggle were ensconced in the Baltic capital for the Trialogos Conference on Orthodox/Catholic dialogue, coming from either side of that divide.

The Conference covers not only 'religion' but also music, theatre, the arts, poetry, science and other aspects of culture.

On the Orthodox side, amongst the other delegates was Israel Shamir, the Jewish convert to Orthodoxy and long-time critic of Israel and Zionism. He spoke on Jewish Messianism.

On the Catholic side, amongst the other delegates was E. Michael Jones the editor of Culture Wars and author of such astounding works as The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and The Decadent Moderns.

With translators working to bring all the talks and discussions into Russian, Estonian and English it sounds like a great time was had by all, and with those two minds present it must have been a glut-fest for anyone hankering after the "News Behind the News."

As well as all this there was a Medieval mystery play performed, Russian liturgical music, a Tridentine Mass with chant from an ancient Cistercian Missal, children's choirs singing for St Michael's Day - and much more besides showcasing our European heritage and the wonderful architecture of Tallinn.

What a treat for residents of Tallinn who resisted the Soviet Beast (remember this is the nation wherein the Forest Brethren held out into the 1950s), and who are now resisting the McDonalds 'culture' and degenerate Western "treats" like abortion and homosexuality.

Wales BNP Disgrace St David's Day

No, not by featuring the war criminal and the man who ordered the army to shoot striking workers (Churchill!) on the front of their literature.

But by cavorting in the streets of Wrexham with multi-culti flotsam. I dare say (like "Cumbrian" Zimbabweans) they are just good "British Nationalists" too.

Is this what Nationalism has descended too? NuLab style multi-culti dancing? We expect it from traitor politicians desperate to seem "inclusive."

It now seems there is little to distinguish the Zionist political parties of all shades.

Someone tear down that St David Cross flag! His day has been besmirched by these sad, sad antics.

Let's Hit the 100.

Just 9 more subscribers needed for us to get through the 100 barrier.

So come on folks!

Subscribe! Promote! Link! Mention!

Let's push to get 100 subscribers this coming week.

Spread the good news daddio.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Resident Evil 5: "Not Racist" to Shoot Africans

Apparently this video game (Resident Evil 5) is going ahead despite fears that it would play into the hands of "racists" because of one scene in it (see link below) and presumably because the 'players' get to shoot and mutilate lots of Negro "zombies."

Personally I find most Hollywood films offensive, for one reason or another. But my White, European, Christian sensibilities don't seem to count for much, and neither do those of all the others of my ilk across this continent.

Still I would go out of my way to play a copy of Resident Evil 6: Massacre the New York Bankers!

White Woman Dragged Off... Not Racist

Friday, 6 March 2009

Happy Memories: Tatchell Gets Punched in Moscow

A little reminder of another establishment degenerate getting his just desserts!

Tatchell and co. get a punched in Moscow!

A friend landed a punch on REM's effeminate singer on a Dublin street -- sadly there was no camera at hand to capture that glorious moment.

Lord Mandelson and the Green Custard Attack

The homosexual degenerate Lord Mandelson was kicked out of his job twice for cooking the books.

The ex-Eurocrat was given a cash handout of almost £250,000 merely for moving from Brussels to London (didn't know removal firms charged that much!).

The Nu-Labour failed politician, voted out by the populace, was caught --figuratively!-- with his trousers down on a 'Russian' oligarch's yacht when he was European Trade Minister and should have been above reproach (now now, stop laughing).

So just enjoy this moment!

Watch it a few times!

It gets better every time.

Mandelson has his first loyalty to the EU and is another traitor politician who's been caught lying and cheating.

I don't care what pressure group she's from, even if it were "Jewish Lesbians for Enforced Race-Mixing" I'd buy her a non-threatening Nicaraguan Fair Trade coffee for her efforts!

We demand more custard attacks!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Dydh Sen Pyran Da - 2009 - Happy St Piran's Day


A very happy St Piran's Day to all our Cornish readers and those of Cornish descent.

Right: St Piran. I was tempted to show solidarity with the BNP by putting in a Polish Saint...

Interest in the Cornish culture, language and history is growing in that proud Celtic Nation, and long may it continue to do so!

Happy St Piran's Day

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Gordon Brown is Mortgaging the Future


[picture deleted]

This is a great captioned pic from the satirical magazine Private Eye.

Not only does it summarise the position viz politicians and the public, it also shows perfectly the future of England --- in soooo many ways!

If I'm going to be in debt for years to come and my children's future has been mortgaged to the financiers - may I ask why the billions given to the banks weren't handed out to us, the poor sods who will pay, so that we could save/spend it into the various banks via our accounts?

It would end up in the same place[s] and revive the economy. And at least we would have enough money to buy enough booze* to drown our sorrows when the tax rates rise (*this offer does not apply in Scotland).


  • Would it make people realise how much money has been borrowed at interest and get us worrying?
  • Is the money that we will have to pay back, at interest, with real hard-earned taxable income replacing nothing more than meaningless entries in ledgers and on pc screens?

Perhaps an egg-head or bookworm out there will advise (perhaps one who doesn't mind being called an egg-head or bookworm!).

Whilst they're at it, perhaps they might explain why a government has to borrow money, at interest, from a bank to bail-out other banks. So we pay to rescue banks - and another bank profits??? Zoiks! Why can't the government simply create its own money?

Is this the Emperors New Clothes for the 21st Century?

Is this the economic version of the "War on Terror," the "Holocaust Industry," Global Warming etc.? i.e. that the lies are so big that everyone is fearful of raising doubts without being dismissed as cranks, extremists or both.

Polish Spitfire, Race not Space and Coloured "Britons": Why the BNP is Wrong

This story is very amusing (see link below).

Some time ago I found the BNP's stance on Polish migrants more than a little unsettling.

Right: A Spitfire as flown by the 303 Polish Squadron. They flew Hurricans in 1940, but Spitfires from 1941 onwards, so the "offending" plane picture could not have taken part in the original Battle of Britain!

I have quite a few friends and relatives who are uneasy about the volume of immigration from East Europe, which is perfectly natural - but the move by the BNP to wax lyrical against the migration of White Europeans whilst, at the same time, embracing those "Britons" born here, who are patriotic, tax paying and, erm Afro-Caribbean or Asian seems just plane (groan!) wrong!

It's the old Race Versus Space debate.

But let me put into some perspective for you.

One FC supporter is an old lady in inner city South London. She regularly phones up for a chat. A couple of years back she commented on how happy she was that the Poles were coming over. When asked why, she said that previously she had been virtually (and sometimes actually) the only white person on the bus, which left her feeling nervous, uneasy, dispossessed and out of place.

She now said that there were growing numbers of white people on the bus, most of them working, many of them couples, and most of them visibly healthy, of good breeding and suchlike.

Now I know there are areas where the East Europeans coming in are in too large a number (pushed in by greedy bosses seeking to undermine wages etc.) or there are groups of single young men who may have criminal tendencies and so on. However, my own experience is that most of these people have a good work ethic, have excellent family values and come from a white, European, Christian culture.

I spoke to another nationalist, a skinhead in his thirties a couple of years back on this issue. I couldn't tell you what "party" he belonged to, possibly the NF, BNP, BM or none. Anyway he surprised me when he said that he lived opposite a Church and that he was impressed by the number of Polish families going there. He said they were good role models and at one festival they were going in with baskets of sweets and suchlike.

Those Europeans who settled here before, during and after WW2 (and I'm thinking of Italians, Germans, Poles, Balts and others) have assimilated well and yet many of them have retained a link to their "home" cultures - creating a real, positive and European 'cosmopolitanism' or 'multi-culturalism.'

How very different from the multi-racial, violent, street crime ridden mess that followed the disastrous mass coloured immigration of the 60s, 70s and so on!

So when the BNP tried to implement the idea that it was "space not race" that mattered it made me cross as the truth is quite the reverse!

I would rather have ten Polish families (white, Christian and European) than one Asian or African family living down my street! And I grew up in a street with a Mosque around the corner (the site of racial fighting) and have lived in various areas with high immigrant populations (unlike the politicians who dictate policy) including one where Asians played cricket in the street and boomed out their "Bangla" rap crap from boy racer cars on the street outside of a Summer's evening.

Yet the BNP would have us believe that the gangsta rappers and Bangla-boys who were "born here" or who are "hard working" and "tax paying" can indeed be "proud Britons" whereas the Poles, Lithuanians et al (in all their horrible European whiteness) are a plague on the UK plc.

How fitting that the BNP should use a "Battle of Britainless" Polish-piloted plane to launch its "Battle of Britain" campaign.

Certainly for the elderly FC supporter the Poles were fighting the good fight in taking back public transport from the massed ranks of coloured immigrants, their descendants and dependents.

Perhaps this is a good sign!

Perhaps the BNP will intone that it's now a case of "Race not Space" (after all if only 30 Million people lived here - would that mean 20 Million Africans or Asians would then be "OK"???) and that hard working, tax paying, white, European, Christian Polish families would be more than welcome?

Who knows.

Maybe the Poles would be willing to have the white children that our own people are so busy "planning" or aborting out of existence so that we are, in reality, a dying people?

Maybe the Poles would reverse the decline and shame us into becoming a Christian state once again?

Maybe the Poles would shame more of us into working for a living (instead of relying on dole handouts and housing benefit)?

Maybe the work culture of the Poles will shame those of our people steeped in the drugs death-style into turning their backs on it?

Maybe the Christian, traditional culture of the Poles will shame those of our people who are degenerate dross, homosexual, bisexual and the whole "BLT community" (bacon, lettuce and tomato) - including those welcomed into the BNP because of their fatter (childless) wallets - into leaving their sad, self-immolating death-style?

The original Battle of Britain (drunken Churchill, etc. aside) did rely on Polish input. Sadly the BNP thinks that the fight to win back Britain for the white, Christian, European peoples of these isles has to embrace coloureds whilst expelling Poles (how very UKIP!).

Maybe that will now change?

For better or worse is the real question...

BNP Poster Features Polish Spitfire

"Battle of Britain" Spitfire is a post-1940 Polish plane!

FC Blog Subscribers: Let's Break the 100 Barrier!


We would ask our happy band of readers to do all they can to publicise this blog.

The last time we asked - quite a while ago - we picked up quite a few new subscribers, but for the last few weeks we have fluctuated around the 90 mark.

As such, we'd like anyone who supports what we do, even if they may disagree on this or that minor point, to publicise the FC Blog.

Right: OK, we won't send the boys round dressed like this, but if you don't (to use the Anglo-Saxon colloquialism) 'pull yer finger out' then the consequences could be severe!

Add a link to it in your email's signature. Add it to your signature on various internet forums. Put a link to it on your blog or website. Give it a mention in your magazine, journal, newsletter etc.

We still get a lot of visitors from the kind souls who link through to us on forums, but at the moment only a small handful of people are doing it. And whilst the romanticised idea of "we happy few" tugs at the old heart strings, it would be great if some more folks helped out.

With a bit of a push we could easily get the subscription rate to over 100.

When the FC e-zine was going out it started on very low - positively intimate! - yet by the end, despite blocks by AOL and some other servers, it had many thousands of readers from right across the globe.

We do get a great many of visitors to this site and amongst those are a large number of repeat visitors. But with the best will in the world it isn't always practical to visit every blog or site regularly, especially with work and family commitments which so many of us have.

So getting the FC Blog texts direct to your email is a great way to ensure you get our news, views, comments, er... yes, and our rants (apologies Ron!) whatever your circumstances: whether you delete them if you're popping by the blog regularly or to keep and read at your leisure if you're working away, etc.

To summarise:

  1. Please do all you can to publicise and promote this blog.
  2. Please subscribe to receive blog texts direct to your email inbox.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Happy St David's Day - Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus

A very Happy St David's Day -- Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! -- to all our Welsh readers and to those of Welsh descent.

Right: St David in a stain-glassed window, Jesus College chapel in Oxford. The popularity of and devotion to St David has spread throughout the world.

Wear your daffodil or leak with pride to remind people of St David and the Age of Saints, of the Christian heritage of your people, from the Roman times to today: an unbroken Christian heritage that few peoples can boast of.

Land of My Fathers means just that: not the land of my passport, nor the land of my illegal entry, nor the land of the best hand-outs!

The Land of My Fathers! Gwlad!

The blood of your forefathers flows through your very veins, passed down through the ages.

Just as the Celtic Warriors held off the Romans for so long, so that they were given Independence in the role of defence within the Roman Empire, a role which ensured that Wales proper held out in defence against the invasions of the Angles and Saxons, so it is the duty of you all to defend your Nationhood today.

For once it is gone: it is gone. 2000 years of culture, heritage, language... all swept away so that your land becomes a reserve, inundated with non-Europeans, and visited by tourists who note how "quaint" it is (or was!).

John Jenkins, the FWA prisoner, once wrote that the patriot needs to be a fanatic, because the fanatic has the strength of 10 men. Jenkins knew that Wales was dying (as Codreanu said years before) not from lack of programmes, but from lack of men!

The poet RS Thomas put it succinctly: What is the death of one man, compared to the death of a nation - for which the globalist media and the men taking Westminster's shilling shouted him down as an "extremist." Men - and wymmin - who could never understand what the love of nation means: that love which underwrites all else, which consumes one's every thought, which - following obedience to the laws of God - should be the touch-paper for all we do in this life, to do what is right and to give our children a chance to live in their land, as God intended.

People used to go to war to defend hearth and home. Nowadays, people think by closing the front door and ignoring what is going on, on the streets of our towns and cities, that they are doing "what is best." All they are doing is postponing the day of reckoning.

So Welsh patriot - and this goes for the Englishman, Scotsman and all our peoples throughout Europe - fight back, and fight back today!

Left: St Non's Cross, in the ruins of St Non's Chapel. Said to date from the time of St David's Birth.

If countless patriots hadn't fought back, throughout the centuries, Wales would not exist today and a small Nation, with one of Europe's oldest languages, would be but a distant memory like the Welsh/Brythonic 'Men of the North' in Alt Clut or the Kingdom of Rheged with names and stories barely recalled in musty libraries.

It was the desire to fight for the nation that led them to the battlefield. Pray that spirit isn't dead, because if it is dead then not a single European nation will survive.


As an afterthought, if you get the chance to visit St David's Cathedral in West Wales, well worth the visit in and of itself, you can follow the signs to the coast and, near the grounds of a re-built St Non's Chapel (built in the 20s if memory serves me right) is the house of St Non, which became the original St Non's Chapel - where St David was born in a thunderstorm.

Nearby is St Non's Well.

The coastal path there is breathtaking too, and it makes for a fantastic family day out.

St Non's Chapel


St David and St David's Day

It is claimed that Dewi lived for over 100 years, and it is generally accepted that he died in 589. His last words to his followers were in a sermon on the previous Sunday. Rhigyfarch transcribes these as 'Be joyful, and keep your faith and your creed. Do the little things that you have seen me do and heard about. I will walk the path that our fathers have trod before us.' 'Do the little things' ('Gwnewch y pethau bychain') is today a very well-known phrase in Welsh, and has proved an inspiration to many. On a Tuesday, the first of March, in the year 589, the monastery is said to have been 'filled with angels as Christ received his soul'.

Dewi's body was buried in the grounds of his own monastery, where the Cathedral of St. David now stands. After his death, his influence spread far and wide - first through Britain, along what was left of the Roman roads, and by sea to Cornwall and Brittany.

St David's Day, as celebrated today, dates back to 1120, when Dewi was canonised by Pope Callactus the Second, and March 1st was included in the Church calendar. After Dewi's canonisation, many pilgrimages were made to St. David's, and it was reported that two pilgrimages there equalled one to Rome, and three pilgrimages one to Jerusalem. March 1st was celebrated until the Reformation as a holy day. Many churches are dedicated to Dewi, and some to his mother Non.


Welsh flags (Red Dragon, St David's and Owain Glyndwr) are avalable from the FC Online Shop.

Kings of the Britons - an interesting table of Celtic Chiefs and Royals who claimed or were given the title.

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