Saturday, 2 October 2010

Germany Just Paid Off WW1 Usury Debt


  • Do you think the banks aren't behind wars?
  • Do you think usury is fair?
  • Do you think taxes should go on war/usury debt?
Something is rotten! We are all taxed simply to pay endless bank debts run up by traitor politicians.

Right: Merkel is another traitor politician who puts the banksters profits before the welfare of the German people and nation.

BBC News


Julian said...

Unfortunately I don’t get the gist of this article as it directs to a BBC site. I’ve a strong resistance to consuming ANYTHING from that organisation whether its TV radio or internet. Regards what’s happening in the world I use ONLY trusted sources. For entertainment I do watch telly but stay on the discovery channel and the like, and even then I’m fussy. I also play games, listen to music, read books, and socialise at my local club. I’ve been doing this for some years now and living like this really gives opportunity for self to emerge from this world of crap we can get submerged in.

Anonymous said...

Why come on this blog then 'Julian' as it is only someone else's perception of what is going on in the world.

Personally I find all the Catholicism a bit tiresome but then I'm only here for the wine!

Yorks Nat said...

"All the Catholicism"?

I looked on the last 10 posts and can't deduce any.

I should think anyone who finds Catholicism tiring, present or otherwise, has a plethora of pagan, protestant and others randing from the liberal pro-queers to the nutty kkkranks.

Just my own opinion Julian. Hope that's OK with you and the BBC.

Anonymous said...

FAO: Yorks Nat

I noticed also 'from the last 10' comments that you have not been around, how is this? too busy fiddling the kids?

By the way what the f**k does 'randing' mean you illiterate?

You also sound like a right tiresome pompous oaf.

Yorks Nat said...

Anon: but this isnt my blog you utter utter twat. i work for a living and dont go online to make my friends (like you anon).

like accusing nationalists of paedophilia do you? piss off you red troll.

go bother someone who cares - i.e. leave your bedroom and do something worthwhile.

what a pratt you really are.

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