Friday, 8 October 2010

Child Benefit: the Nationalist Response

How fitting that the Tories should seek to stop Child Benefit for top earners.

Right: George Osborne. Chancellor. Friend of the Rothschilds. Will never take action against the banksters. Traitor.

I'm not going to go on about cutting benefits etc., as I've covered all that before (viz attack the banksters who cause the usury-debt bubble before attacking the poor).

Some will argue that the rich don't need the money, that those earning circa £45K p.a. don't really need an extra state hand-out and "in these difficult times" etc. we can save a few bob.

The not dealing with the banksters (who still have us by the gonads, and could bring this and most other countries to our knees in a matter of days) aside, my worry is this.

Child benefit sends a positive message about having children. Taking it away from some people (whatever the criteria) sends the message that families and children aren't important to society.

We live in a country that is dying. We don't have enough workers to pay the taxes that will pay for future pensions as our society 'greys.'

More children are born to immigrants and non-Whites, whilst the indigenous people put 'careers' or holidays and other creature comforts before our existence as European peoples (the 'I'm alright Jack' mentality).

So here's the FC idea:

  • Everyone who qualifies can get a generous child benefit, regardless of income.The idea is to promote families and more children amongst all classes (e.g. It is irrelevant to you if your forefathers were rich or poor - merely that they were indigenous White Europeans).
  • Qualification depends on wedlock and the children being to the same parents. This will promote stability and reduce the "multiple partner" mums getting hand-outs.
  • The benefit is only open to Europeans whose parents (i.e, one or more grandparent on each side) were born here. This will mean a reversal of the decline of the White population.
  • Africans and Asians can receive a similar benefit: one of resettlement to their lands of origin, with funds to help their housing etc. 'back home'.
All will be carefully costed by stopping our involvement in pointless, needless wars and by refusing to pay any more of the ridiculous, scandalous national debt.

What d'you think? It's a vote winner!


Anonymous said...

It is never ever going to be 'those at the top' who are going to see their tax returns raised as it is their number one rule that they take on board an accountant to keep an eye on their finances and yes, that does include loopholes which allow for tax 'relief'.

Anyone who is stupid enough to think that many rich people/corporations are magnanimous in their philanthropic/charitable ways ought take a course in accountancy themselves!

By the way, any 'business and economic studies' student who wants to make reference to my post can go f**k themselves and realise that unless they are careful they are liable to turn into a pompoous t**t and yes, your course is a waste of time because the only business you'll be doing is serving pints and as for economics...that'll come in handy when it comes to working out the change!

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