Monday, 25 October 2010

Bankrolling Nuclear, Spiking Tidal: This Government Ain't Green

Hmmm. Something is wrong in the Bristol Channel. No, Simon Darby isn't birdwatching on Flat Holm in flared chequered strides, with a kipper tie and a sun hat.

The UK government is deliberately halting a project that could give us clean energy for many decades.

They tell us, mere proles that we are, that we don't have the money to build a barrage across the Bristol Channel/Severn Estuary (which has the second largest tidal range in the world) in order to produce electricity, but we have the money to build new nuclear power stations and keep old ones going.

Anyone smell something akin to a Grimsby trawler's hold?

For decades the government [blue and red] has bankrolled nuclear power (yet we have the nerve to point fingers at the Iranians) at huge cost, not to mention risk, yet we have the chance of doing something that is safe, clean and will produce the electricity of two nuclear power stations, and the government says "we don't have enough money."

I thought security of power supply was now of national importance?

I thought we were serious about looking for clean alternatives?

Yet whilst the government of the day [red and blue/yellow] tells us that nuclear is a "clean" alternative to coal, we are about to jettison the cleanest and most cost effective form of power, in tidal.

As trials start of harnessing tidal power off the Orkneys, we must be mad to overlook more tidal produced power.

Tidal is guaranteed power (even the wind can stop blowing and the sun stop shining). Once in situ, such units will continue producing clean, green energy. Furthermore they aren't eyesores like many wind farms.

As we're on an island, the UK government should be leading the way in harnessing tidal power.

While I am sure the government will continue to 'find' monies to bankroll nuclear power and prop up the profiteering private companies who run the nuclear power stations, we can now see how this government's 'green' credentials are phony.

The next time they greenwash one of their new or revamped nuclear power stations, remember they deliberately spiked one of the most promising green power projects for years.

The Real Cost of Nuclear Power: debunking Government myths.


Anonymous said...

On the one hand they seek to put them useless wind turbines on any and all empty piece of land and oceanic mass. Then on the other they are seeking the building of several nuclear power stations?!

Which 'entrepraneurs' are they bankrolling exactly?

Anonymous said...

Greens are Communist.

That is why they are referred to as tomatoes!

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