Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bankrupt BNP? Why is it Offering its Creditors 20%?

Is the BNP Bankrupt?

With the BNP now offering creditors 20p in the £ against outstanding bills, we have to wonder if the BNP is on the brink of going bust.

As many creditors will be small businesses, 20p in the £ is a paltry sum.

Most small business work on a profit margin of 100% or less, e.g for every £1 they charge, 50p of that will be 'profit' from which they take their wages, overheads etc.

Of course some may make a greater profit, some less.

But to offer 20p against every £1 is basically ripping off these small businesses and asking them to write off a lot of money. In these straitened times when businesses are going to the wall, it is hardly right for the BNP to treat businesses (who as is made clear in the link below, were willing to work with the BNP and may even be 'patriotic') like this.

If this isn't some huge subterfuge or even an outright lie, we must wonder why the BNP is acting like a company in administration.

It raises a lot of questions for an org which said it was raising millions every year, and with two MEPs on the Euro gravy train.

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Anonymous said...

This is precisely why any White British party will never become the administrative party of this country because so long as they are seen to be utterly incompetent as regards financial/economic matters, the British people will never trust them.

It is no good declaring that you are the 'defenders of the British/White Race' if there is a lack of trust from our people.

Shropshire Lad said...

absolutely. yet when we said things like that YEARS AGO we got slagged off for beiong 'purists'.

now NG is seen for being the shyster and cowboy he has been FOR YEARS,

Anonymous said...

Well, to all intents and purpose, the BNP are finished as their membership is mainly made up of racist tory types same as their core has always been from the day of JT.

National Socialism will prevail.

Sieg Heil!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

not to mention all the race warriors who were in the bnp even till quite recently. there just as bad.

Shylock Gri££in said...

20p in the £.

Oy vey! It's a bargain already.

Anonymous said...

never mind. c18 will save us all.

mwah ha ha ha

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