Friday, 1 October 2010

Capitalism is a Con Trick: Ask the Irish

We all pay tax as we earn, buy and die. Tax goes into a bottomless pit to pay usury-debt. The banks control the system, nations, governments. The governments collects tax. The tax goes into a bottomless pit...

And so the cycle goes on ad nauseum!

Right and Below: The politicians all try and score points against each other, but the truth is that they will all raise taxes and cut services rather than stop paying usury debt to the criminal banksters and money-lenders. Their first loyalty is to the banking system not the people they claim to serve.

Look at Ireland.

Ooh wasn't the Celtic Tiger the be all and end all? It was billed as a Brave New World for the Irish. Join the Euro, become a modern country, make the big league, be awash in money! Money was the new god.

All their troubles, their agrarian, Christian past - all so medieval, backwards, insular and... er... mono-cultural. All would end.

The new, rich, advanced, progressive, multi-culti and rich Ireland was on the scene. Oh how wonderful it all was!

Yet it was all an illusion. Ireland was being mortgaged by greedy bankers. Their freedoms were being sold to the Stalinist EU. Their very 'Irishness' was being destroyed by waves of immigration.

But all this was OK as long as the money rolled in. Most people are fickle you see. Give them success, money, good times - and they will put up with a lot they normally wouldn't.

A political party can be corrupt, nepotistic, cronyism can run rife, principles be betrayed: as long as elections are won. But take that away and the grumbles start.

Well, the Irish now have plenty to moan about. As taxes rise, unemployment rises and negative equity rises.

What a mess.

It is time that all nationalists in all nations started educating fellow patriots about usury-tax and the con going on.

Almost everything else is a side-show or consequence of this con.

The New Unhappy Lords are ruling over us, taxing us, destroying our lands, bribing our politicians.

The whole rotten edifice must be questioned, otherwise we are wasting our time.


Anonymous said...

Ireland does not have a manufacturing industry of any major importance and neither does it deal to any great degree with exports. That is why they will never have a strong economic life.

Anonymous said...

ha ha! neither do we. India and China do. Might is Right.

Anonymous said...

you need to take less notice of what the media throw at you regarding info on manufacturing import/export etc.

British exports show healthy returns.

Just so you are aware you dullard, manufacturing does not include call centres.

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