Friday, 15 October 2010

The Clash of Liberalisms: The Tate Reels and We Love it

How positively delicious!

No, I'm not talking about Nigella's spaghetti and Marmite recipe: though one wonders if Nigella's Jewish heritage and Marmite's recent political role are just the thin edge of a huge conspiratorial wedge.

Right: A gift from God. The Sunflower seed has anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits due to its Vitamin E content. They can lower cholesterol and have many other health benefits. The Tate Gallery on the other hand is just crap.

Just my little joke.

But part of the same weltanschauung that has given us TV chefs with first name recognition (Nigella, Jamie, Ainsley, Sweeney...), has delivered us the notorious home of carbuncles that is the Tate Modern.

Situated where Black Cabs fear to tread (just saarf of the river), it has housed some real deviancy and fakery, known as modern art (it is art in the same way that Israel's murderous army is a "defence force").

As E Michael Jones has displayed in his tome Degenerate Moderns, much of this anti-culture is born from a generation of degenerates, primarily sexual degenerates, such as homosexuals, bi-sexuals and so forth.

Their private lives are a mess, their morality is shot to bits, so is it any wonder their concept of art is mindless splodges on canvas, dog turds barely sculpted, unmade beds, flickering lights, cracks in a floor, etc. ad nauseum.

The Tate Modern should have as its logo a very naked Emperor indeed.

So what should prompt me into labelling the Tate Modern as delicious when it is normally as appetising as a cigarette extinguished in a pool of urine? (I'm copyrighting that before Davinia Finkelstein Jr. grabs it and makes a million).

Well, dear reader, the "artist" Ai Weiweihad (imagine the Guardianistas: "how gloriously ethnic Giles.") had porcelain sunflower seeds handmade. 100 million of them. I just hope in the spirit of the liberal art world with is quasi-intellectual "intelligentsia" (should that be quasi-intelligentsia?), that no child labour was used... but I wouldn't bet on it.

The exhibit (to quote Brian Sewell, "but is it art?") was designed to be walked on.

It now seems that 'ealf n safety' have stepped in and, for fear of clouds of porcelain dust, roped off the, urm, 'art.'

So, let's get this straight. The two bete noirs of 21st Century common sense, the two darling children of the politically correct generate, Modern Art and 'Ealf n Safety' have clashed!

Is this the end of the liberal culture? Will the degenerate moderns implode in a flash of self-realisation?


But it mustn't stop us savouring every single delicious moment of this glorious event.

BBC news report


Anonymous said...

Modern Art is part of the Elders' plans to foist degeneracy on our Race. Make no mistake, the Elders are not enthusiasts of this degeneracy themselves.

As for the instigators/bankrollers it is no surprise that they are of the same tribe as the Elders. The White dupes who partake in Modern Art are part of the great bluff because it makes them 'clever'.

As Madness would say - Fuck Art, Let's Dance!

Anonymous said...

your bad language makes you sound illiterate.

Its a shame because i agree with everything you wrote.

Anonymous said...

idiots use foul words to impress their immature wannabe friends.

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