Thursday, 14 October 2010

BFP: Surely Not More of the Same? Nu-BNP Mark II?

The fledgling "British Freedom Party" being organised by part of the 'BNP reformers' group is an interesting departure.

It will go head to head with Nick Griffin's BNP.

Interestingly, a statement on the BFP on the YourBNP site (soon to be handed over to Eddy Butler we're told, who is staying to fight inside the BNP) says that this BFP is made up of "traditional nationalists."

Yet following the link to the BFP's site one finds this picture:

It fills me with dread, for:

  1. Being multi-culti ('more colours than a tube of smarties' as my old dad says);
  2. Being a posed advertising shot;
  3. It's one of those pics that says absolutely nothing, but big business and mainstream politicos like to use because it's mixed race, young and includes 'fruity' girls.

But Points 2 and 3 pale in significance to Point 1.

Things have been rotten in the State of Denmark for some years with race-mixers, pooves and God knows what else being accepted as "nationalists."

Perhaps I'm just jaded because of all the crud over the years, how nationalists can get taken in by honey-traps like C18, whose leaders were meeting with Searchlight, and then by the Nu-BNP who made pooves and race-mixers "OK" in their rush to become a civic patriot, anti-Muslim pressure group.

Nationalism swung from one extreme to the other, all the time orchestrated if not outright controlled by what we can only term 'Masonic' powers.

It's early days yet I would sincerely love to be proved wrong, but the way things look with the BFP, on top of what is already happening with the pro-Israel EDL and the civic patriot Nu-BNP, I really think nationalism is a fading force.


Anonymous said...

Any grouping which purports to 'speak for me' as a White racialist whilst welcoming/pandering to the mud needs to watch their backs.

As for C18 being a State-run honey trap, there were quite a substantial number who remained autonomous whilst carrying out operations using C18 as a flag of convenience, don't try and disparage militant NS by claiming the catch all 'State-run honey trap'

Anonymous said...

yadda yadda yadda.

c18 was a state honey trap.

it's leaders were meeting searchlight. it's leaders were druggies.


anyone who used that name to carry out their dubious activities deserves everything they get.

c18 were run as a state honey trap to turn NS against NS, nationalist against nationalist.

everyone has seen through the c18 honey trap, some years too late.

Anonymous said...

c18 were very quickly brought under state control. many ex-c18 friends saw this first hand. that is why genuine NS/Nat types who were with them at first now are the loudest voices against them.

As for all the drug users involved with them, that speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Many of the activists maintained their autonomy and were more than intelligent enough to set up defences against infiltration. These were the ones who actually adopted the cell structure theory expounded but not really understood by a large ratio of those within the c18 orbit.

A tip here for anyone considering joining (or are members already of a group) do not make contact with ANYONE in London they are either themselves or in contact themselves with State agencies. Ignore this advice at your and your comrades' peril.

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