Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Americans and British Don't Call for No Fly Zone Over Israel

America and Britain have called for a no-fly zone in a country where military planes have allegedly been used against innocent civilians.

It would mean shooting down the country's planes.

One American source said the country's anti-aircraft batteries would have to be destroyed.


Hang on.

The country that has used its planes to bomb innocent civilians, including using illegal white phosphorous bombs, isn't Libya, it's Israel.


Hear that?

It's silence.

The tumbleweed rolls on through.

Silence from America and Britain: the kingpins of humbug.

There's no "no fly zone" over Israel despite the horrors unleashed by the bandit state, from the murder of sunbathing American servicemen on the USS Liberty to the indiscriminate murder of Palestinians for daring to vote in Hamas (that damn democracy!).

No fly zone for Libya? No fly zone for Israel? If the former why not the latter?

To ask the question is to be screeched at.

Oooh you anti-Semite! What are you? Some sort of Christian Dior designer?


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