Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Blue Labour or Red Tories: Washing Powder Politics for the NWO

Blue Labour or New Labour: No Real Difference
Maurice (Lord) Glasman has created Blue Labour. Just like Peter Mandelson (now also a Lord) created New Labour. Just as their kindred across the pond were perfecting the metamorphosis from Socialist Left to Neo Con Right, in order to win power for the Israeli Lobby. It's all very Khazarite isn't it?

We are being told this is something "new" but like the 'Red Tories' this is just political party operators trying to co-opt the "centre ground."

All we are getting is Capitalism with "Gay Rights" whether it's under the Tories with their Liberal hangers-on, or under New/Blue Labour.


The same multi-nationals, bankers and Masons rule the roost, and the parties of choice push the same lines, just tweaked differently. We will get more 'gay rights'. We will get liberalisation of drugs laws. We will get assisted suicide.

The 60s liberal/Marxist agenda marches on.

And once these liberal laws are passed (as with the capital punishment repeal, mass abortion and homosexual legalisation) they will not be repealed by this bunch of no-marks for hire.

Welcome to the "free world." Where we vote (or 35% of us vote) to keep out some other party, so we end up with a ruling party that has way less than 10% actual support. Those politicians are in the pockets of party machinery controlled by big money.

This is not a democracy. It's an oligarchy.

Lord Glasman knows that. Oy Vey! But he wants his brand at the top instead of Brand X (Red Tories? Big Society Tories? blah blah).

Red Tories: Gay-Friendly Capitalism
It's like a battle between competing Unilever brands of washing-machine powder. Oh this one is in a red box with blue patterns, and this one is a blue box with red patterns. And look! The adverts tell us that Brand X is "better than ever before, it gets out all the stains" (as they show us a before and after with mud-caked football kit replaced by a brand new one with a heavenly ethereal shine courtesy of back-lighting).

And the dumbos go out to buy the "better than ever" Brand X that replaces the "better than ever" Brand Z that they were promised would wash clean last year, but never really did.

This is politics courtesy of the New World Order.

Meanwhile we all pay our taxes which mostly go into the pockets of the international financiers and multi-national big businesses.

As a Mr. Donaldson once intoned: Freedom, What Freedom?


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