Friday, 10 June 2011

Gwent Police Found Not Guilty of Assault - Look at the Evidence

Be careful in Gwent, South Wales.

These officers did the following after a 71 year old man "failed to stop" after they saw he was not wearing his seat belt.

Yep. Never mind the druggies, the people traffickers, the muggers, the car thieves, the burglars...

There are people out there not wearing their seat belts! It's time to teach these criminals, these people who know better than the State, to be taught a lesson.

Over to you officers:

The happy news is that these valiant officers, having cornered this heinous criminal and being forced to defend themselves, after having been suspended from duty are now free to take up their duties again after being found not guilty.

It's not that we think the police should be there to serve the interests of tax-payers, but rather that if when we all reach our 70s, we might be free to not wear a seat belt. And if by chance we do not notice the police, or become scared and drive off - they won't act like the ###ing SAS!

"Another dangerous criminal off the streets sarge!"


Anonymous said...

All I can say is that they ought to be grateful that the Old Bill only decided to have a dance on their motor because if Jimmy 'Clunk Click' Saville had been there, he'd have kicked their fucking heads in!

Final Conflict said...

Please no foul language. I do delete them most of the time.

Anonymous said...

The original post was amusing though!

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