Saturday, 11 June 2011

Police State Run by Bankers and Masons

This bloke - as my children would say - totally 'owns' a policeman who seems to think that any protest needs to be lodged with the Big brother state, and bluffs his way by threatening to arrest someone who has done NOTHING wrong.

If only orgenised parties like the BNP stood up and denounced the banking and taxation system - based on usury slavery which should be totally illegal - they might win support from right acoss the political spectrum.

Who wants questionable and unjust wars before schools and hospitals?

Who wants taxes going to billionaire financiers when it should be given back to those paying it or small amounts taken to help the needy?

After yours of quasi-Zionist b.s. blaming the Muslims for everything [rather than coloured immigration simply being a part of the NWO assault on our freedoms and rights] and selling out to a political system run by the Masonic elites for baubles and scraps from their table; it is time that NATIONALISTS made it clear that we are the people against usury, against the financiers, against Zionism and its wars.

We have been betrayed for years.

In part one of this series the activist DOES make some mistakes - primarily confusing the "corporations" of Fascist Italy with todays Big Businesses, multi-nationals and international finance.

The Corporations of Fascist Italy were in fact akin to the medieval Guilds, and so were like the Trade Unions representatives having seats in government, so the workers from all trades had direct representation in government.

That is fascism. Fascism was a socio-economic ideal based on Christian social teaching. It was not giving the goverment to alien financiers, Freemasons and Mafioso.

This government is! It is uber-Capitalism. CAPITAL and its power, its tax, its usury, RUINS our lives, empties our pockets.

Fascism was popular. It was national. It gave freedom. It may not have been perfect, what system run by men ever could be (we live in societies not false utopias)? But compared to the debt slavery today it is a world apart.

We aren't even safe on our streets! Whilst the government gives billions to financiers and billions to needless Zionist wars, WE ARE NOT EVEN SAFE ON OUR OWN STREETS.

Why not have a war on mugging? A war on anti-social behaviour? A war on street gangs?

That would make peoples' lives much better than dropping million pound (financially speaking!) bombs on varies countries, or giving billions to mega-rich bankers.

Nationalists must start speaking these truths. Otherwise, by omission or commision, we are taking part in the biggest scandal in history - the enslavement of our people and many others too.


Vertebrate said...

Spot on! "Fascism" has always been the first swear word of the Left. In recent years it has come to be given first place in the verbal armory of some so-called "nationalists." Marxists, globalists, NWO-ists, Zionists, the Blair-Brown subversives; all are routinely denounced as "fascists." One can only presume that a grasp of philosophical realities along with clarity of thinking are on a par with the honesty and integrity of these air heads, led of course by the appalling Griffin. For an understanding of what Fascism was about here in Britain, try to access a copy of Oswald Mosley's "Tomorrow We Live" published 1938.

Anonymous said...

Re: Mosley.

Read Leese not Mosley the Kosher.

If NS Germany had taken Britain it would have been David Lloyd George who would have been the German appointed British Head of State.

Vertebrate said...

I doubt LG would have been party to this; Mosley would most certainly have not.
This what Mosley said in a statement in May 1940 in response to newspaper talk of an imminent invasion
"Every member of British Union would be at the disposal of the nation.
"Every one of us would resist the foreign invader with all that is in us.
"However rotten the existing government, and however much we detested its policies, we would throw ourselves into the effort of a united nation until the foreigner was driven from our soil."
Two weeks later Mosley and hundreds of his leading supporters were thrown into jail without charge or trial.
I leave the suitably named Anonymous to his Lease of mind musings.

Anonymous said...

Mosley was a chancer.

Joyce saw straight through his facade.

Anonymous said...

FAO: Vertebrate

I presume you make reference to Leese,if so at least learn to spell his name correctly.

Anonymous said...

The Old Bill need to realise that they are as much at risk of government cuts as anyone, so just so they are aware, they need to be nice to us otherwise we won't be at all nice to them when they end up back in civvies!

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