Friday, 10 June 2011

Brons V Griffin: BNP Leadership Election Time

Just received a Tweet that Andrew Brons (it said "MI5 agent Andrew Brons") is standing for the leadership of the BNP.

Here's a video of Mr. Brons arguing with Mr. Griffin. Things could get interesting:

Some friends around in the NF in the early 80s do think Brons is suspect - but could it be that Griffin, through his alleged embezzlement (and failure to handle the criticism associated with it) has opened the door to Brons and others.

Many now accept that the BNP, whether Griffin retains control or not, is a sinking ship.

Sunk by greed and corruption. Sadly most people did not argue against its flawed policies... but that's human nature.


Anonymous said...

Attempted Murder Part II.

Brons/Grffin and you seem to have neglected to mention mummy's boy Patsy.

Final Conflict said...

Well they all deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

You should know FC, you were part of the Attempted Murder Part I!i

Anonymous said...

Wasnt attempted Murder in 1986?

Final Conflict said...

Er, FC started in 1992. Attempted Murder was in 1986. The people who started FC were normal NF members in '86 with no leadership role at all, no mentions in the book and no role in the "split".

Funny how some people re-write history.

Trolls I guess.

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