Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Question Time for Nick Griffin - Part Two?

Dating Lesson One: Laugh at her jokes.
With Nick Griffin calling for a second slot on Question Time, we have to ask a number of, erm, questions:

1. Does he really intend repeating his dire showing which proved the start of his downfall?
2. Or perhaps he would over-compensate and try to be "radical" and thus throw off the "liberal" and quasi-Zionist support he previously tried to foster?
3. If being an MEP means he gets a slot on QT - does this mean Andrew Brons MEP should get his first slot on QT?
4. If Brons did get a slot would he out-perform Griffin (not that hard!)?
5. If Griffin had let Brons go on first of all might so much grief been avoided - or even had Brons used as a fall guy?
6. If Brons went on QT would Griffin say the State was behind it all (unlike his own appearance, naturally)?

Questions, questions...


Anonymous said...

I recall when Brons and the BNP vicar went on the Nicky Campbell show one Sunday how Griffo went apeshit and, so did his lap dog Darby, now was this because:

1) He did not trust them/have confidence in them, or...

2) Was it because his State handlers were upset that he's failed to keep a tight rein on any 'rogue' elements and that there was a danger that the general public would suddenly realise that BNP = Griffin was not true?

Anonymous said...

Quite so. The mark of an autocrat -- not trusting even those closest to him. His rush to get on QT was his undoing.

Anonymous said...

Griffo really does have delusions of grandeur, he seriously thinks he would make a capable Head of State yet he couldn't even deal with QT!

Fortunately enough, most British people were given an insight in to the kind of 'man' he is.

Anonymous said...

i hop griff nickin does go back on qt. imagine the questions. imagine the squirming.

Anonymous said...

Is Griffin trying to catch a sly one of that niggers tits?

Some say that on the Loony Front visit to Libya he was a bit more appreciative of the Libyan ladies than was healthy for a White racialist, Pat of course was eyeing up the blokes!

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