Wednesday, 8 June 2011

White People Aren't Afraid - Sean Bean in Ca$h

I saw this in a film and thought "wow - that's not something you see in the average Hollywood film."

It is very amusing.

But please be warned is does contain bad language, so if that kind of thing offends you, please avoid. And do not play this to young children:


Anonymous said...

he he he

Anonymous said...

Bean 100% Blade.

For anyone who has not encountered/faced down your typical nigger (any gob-shite to be honest) let me tell you that this is exactly what they are like.

I'm not advocating anyone go out and cane a nigger but, if anyone is thinking of it, don't worry no harm will come to you, just so long as they are unable to gather their tribe together, 'cos niggers only fight in packs.

Anonymous said...

They have tantrums if they dont get their own way.

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