Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hitler's Buses in America? Seeing is Believing

I was watching Horrible Histories with my youngest the other day and conspiracy theories came up about Hitler surviving the war and being a shepherd in Switzerland, a fisherman in Ireland - I forget the third. But you get the idea.

Well I have another idea.

Perhaps Der Fuhrer escaped and made his way to America, bought out Greyhound Buses, bode his time and then unleashed upon the world a new subsidiary of Greyhound: Bolt Buses - complete with Mosleyite lightning flash symbols (his German symbol being perhaps just a little too obvious, especially in New York!).

Sure beats Heritage Tours!

We only need to ask one question to establish whether these buses are a part of the pan-global union of Fascists and National Socialists: do they run on time?

Today American buses!

Tomorrow the world!


Anonymous said...

AH would not have adopted the symbol made use of by a Kosher Fascist!

Nationalist From Scotland said...

I wonder if Bolt busses had seen the Flash of Action and the Circle of Unity emblem before they came up with their insignia? Seems to be one helluva coincidence as Big John Wayne might have said.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get too carried away with this, Marilyn Manson also makes use of it!

Vertebrate said...

"AH would not have adopted the symbol made use of by a Kosher Fascist!"

Indeed not. A swastika superimposed on a Union Flag would have been far more appealing - the symbol of Lease's micro-fringe 'non-kosher' group.

Anonymous said...

I think it is meant to be a joke.

Anonymous said...

The other thing in Horrible Histories had him in a bunker in Sweden living off of beans. The music from 4girlsFingerpaint played in the background during that bit. They use it too much in that show..

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