Thursday, 30 June 2011

Disease, AIDS and Crime in South Africa: It's a Black Thing

Some home truths.

It ain't "racism" because he is black.

Time people spoke out about crime, muggings, drugs, guns and knives in cities like London.

Fear of the label of "racism" is a politically correct device to shut up indigenous working class people from complaining.

Nick Griffin and the civic patriots think coloureds are British because they have a passport and they aren't Muslim.

We have suffered enough. Enough!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hitler's Buses in America? Seeing is Believing

I was watching Horrible Histories with my youngest the other day and conspiracy theories came up about Hitler surviving the war and being a shepherd in Switzerland, a fisherman in Ireland - I forget the third. But you get the idea.

Well I have another idea.

Perhaps Der Fuhrer escaped and made his way to America, bought out Greyhound Buses, bode his time and then unleashed upon the world a new subsidiary of Greyhound: Bolt Buses - complete with Mosleyite lightning flash symbols (his German symbol being perhaps just a little too obvious, especially in New York!).

Sure beats Heritage Tours!

We only need to ask one question to establish whether these buses are a part of the pan-global union of Fascists and National Socialists: do they run on time?

Today American buses!

Tomorrow the world!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Blue Labour or Red Tories: Washing Powder Politics for the NWO

Blue Labour or New Labour: No Real Difference
Maurice (Lord) Glasman has created Blue Labour. Just like Peter Mandelson (now also a Lord) created New Labour. Just as their kindred across the pond were perfecting the metamorphosis from Socialist Left to Neo Con Right, in order to win power for the Israeli Lobby. It's all very Khazarite isn't it?

We are being told this is something "new" but like the 'Red Tories' this is just political party operators trying to co-opt the "centre ground."

All we are getting is Capitalism with "Gay Rights" whether it's under the Tories with their Liberal hangers-on, or under New/Blue Labour.


The same multi-nationals, bankers and Masons rule the roost, and the parties of choice push the same lines, just tweaked differently. We will get more 'gay rights'. We will get liberalisation of drugs laws. We will get assisted suicide.

The 60s liberal/Marxist agenda marches on.

And once these liberal laws are passed (as with the capital punishment repeal, mass abortion and homosexual legalisation) they will not be repealed by this bunch of no-marks for hire.

Welcome to the "free world." Where we vote (or 35% of us vote) to keep out some other party, so we end up with a ruling party that has way less than 10% actual support. Those politicians are in the pockets of party machinery controlled by big money.

This is not a democracy. It's an oligarchy.

Lord Glasman knows that. Oy Vey! But he wants his brand at the top instead of Brand X (Red Tories? Big Society Tories? blah blah).

Red Tories: Gay-Friendly Capitalism
It's like a battle between competing Unilever brands of washing-machine powder. Oh this one is in a red box with blue patterns, and this one is a blue box with red patterns. And look! The adverts tell us that Brand X is "better than ever before, it gets out all the stains" (as they show us a before and after with mud-caked football kit replaced by a brand new one with a heavenly ethereal shine courtesy of back-lighting).

And the dumbos go out to buy the "better than ever" Brand X that replaces the "better than ever" Brand Z that they were promised would wash clean last year, but never really did.

This is politics courtesy of the New World Order.

Meanwhile we all pay our taxes which mostly go into the pockets of the international financiers and multi-national big businesses.

As a Mr. Donaldson once intoned: Freedom, What Freedom?

Question Time for Nick Griffin - Part Two?

Dating Lesson One: Laugh at her jokes.
With Nick Griffin calling for a second slot on Question Time, we have to ask a number of, erm, questions:

1. Does he really intend repeating his dire showing which proved the start of his downfall?
2. Or perhaps he would over-compensate and try to be "radical" and thus throw off the "liberal" and quasi-Zionist support he previously tried to foster?
3. If being an MEP means he gets a slot on QT - does this mean Andrew Brons MEP should get his first slot on QT?
4. If Brons did get a slot would he out-perform Griffin (not that hard!)?
5. If Griffin had let Brons go on first of all might so much grief been avoided - or even had Brons used as a fall guy?
6. If Brons went on QT would Griffin say the State was behind it all (unlike his own appearance, naturally)?

Questions, questions...

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Why Usury-Banking is a Scandal

This is what Nationalism should be nailing:

The Rothschilds are STILL robbing us blind.

if we do not understand the past, we cannot understand the present, and will be screwed all over again in the future.

Muslims are not the problem. They are a small symptom.

Nationalism needs to grow up.

Police State Run by Bankers and Masons

This bloke - as my children would say - totally 'owns' a policeman who seems to think that any protest needs to be lodged with the Big brother state, and bluffs his way by threatening to arrest someone who has done NOTHING wrong.

If only orgenised parties like the BNP stood up and denounced the banking and taxation system - based on usury slavery which should be totally illegal - they might win support from right acoss the political spectrum.

Who wants questionable and unjust wars before schools and hospitals?

Who wants taxes going to billionaire financiers when it should be given back to those paying it or small amounts taken to help the needy?

After yours of quasi-Zionist b.s. blaming the Muslims for everything [rather than coloured immigration simply being a part of the NWO assault on our freedoms and rights] and selling out to a political system run by the Masonic elites for baubles and scraps from their table; it is time that NATIONALISTS made it clear that we are the people against usury, against the financiers, against Zionism and its wars.

We have been betrayed for years.

In part one of this series the activist DOES make some mistakes - primarily confusing the "corporations" of Fascist Italy with todays Big Businesses, multi-nationals and international finance.

The Corporations of Fascist Italy were in fact akin to the medieval Guilds, and so were like the Trade Unions representatives having seats in government, so the workers from all trades had direct representation in government.

That is fascism. Fascism was a socio-economic ideal based on Christian social teaching. It was not giving the goverment to alien financiers, Freemasons and Mafioso.

This government is! It is uber-Capitalism. CAPITAL and its power, its tax, its usury, RUINS our lives, empties our pockets.

Fascism was popular. It was national. It gave freedom. It may not have been perfect, what system run by men ever could be (we live in societies not false utopias)? But compared to the debt slavery today it is a world apart.

We aren't even safe on our streets! Whilst the government gives billions to financiers and billions to needless Zionist wars, WE ARE NOT EVEN SAFE ON OUR OWN STREETS.

Why not have a war on mugging? A war on anti-social behaviour? A war on street gangs?

That would make peoples' lives much better than dropping million pound (financially speaking!) bombs on varies countries, or giving billions to mega-rich bankers.

Nationalists must start speaking these truths. Otherwise, by omission or commision, we are taking part in the biggest scandal in history - the enslavement of our people and many others too.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Gwent Police Found Not Guilty of Assault - Look at the Evidence

Be careful in Gwent, South Wales.

These officers did the following after a 71 year old man "failed to stop" after they saw he was not wearing his seat belt.

Yep. Never mind the druggies, the people traffickers, the muggers, the car thieves, the burglars...

There are people out there not wearing their seat belts! It's time to teach these criminals, these people who know better than the State, to be taught a lesson.

Over to you officers:

The happy news is that these valiant officers, having cornered this heinous criminal and being forced to defend themselves, after having been suspended from duty are now free to take up their duties again after being found not guilty.

It's not that we think the police should be there to serve the interests of tax-payers, but rather that if when we all reach our 70s, we might be free to not wear a seat belt. And if by chance we do not notice the police, or become scared and drive off - they won't act like the ###ing SAS!

"Another dangerous criminal off the streets sarge!"

Brons V Griffin: BNP Leadership Election Time

Just received a Tweet that Andrew Brons (it said "MI5 agent Andrew Brons") is standing for the leadership of the BNP.

Here's a video of Mr. Brons arguing with Mr. Griffin. Things could get interesting:

Some friends around in the NF in the early 80s do think Brons is suspect - but could it be that Griffin, through his alleged embezzlement (and failure to handle the criticism associated with it) has opened the door to Brons and others.

Many now accept that the BNP, whether Griffin retains control or not, is a sinking ship.

Sunk by greed and corruption. Sadly most people did not argue against its flawed policies... but that's human nature.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Viagra in Libya? Kuwaiti Incubators and Belgian Babies on Bayonets!

Oh yes - Libya and especially Hitler, sorry I mean Gaddafi, is using rape as a tactic.

Of course they are. Mind you that didn't stop us being allies with the Red Army as they raped their way across Europe. When Socialists uphold WW2 as a fight for democracy and freedom, they mean for rape, murder, slavery and the Almighty Dollar.

But I digress.

This story has all the hallmarks of black propaganda and war propaganda. remember the Belgian babies thrown in the air onto German bayonets in WW1? Or the babies turfed out of Kuwaiti incubators by Saddam's stormtroopers?

All fiction. 30 years from now they will look back and laugh at the idea of Gaddafi giving his troops Viagra!

Mind you, many people still haven't seen through the war propaganda of the Holocau$t.

And guess who has been sending Amnesty International reports over the Internet about Libya, rape, Gaddafi and Viagra?

Lefty Zionist and Neo Con apologist David Aaronovitch! The man who acted as cheerleader to the left for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; the man who stays strangely quiet when Israel massacres innocents; and the man who asked FC for "the source" of Israel being behind the Stuxnet Virus that put the Fukushima into meltdown - and when presented with it stayed incredibly quiet.

And let's not forget it was Aaronovitch the arch-Zionist whom Nick Griffin boasted to, that he was going to turn the BNP around, just before he made the BNP all pro-Israeli and purely 'bash the Muslims' becoming the right-wing Neo Con voice.

And so the enemies of civilisation had all bases covered. They had their normal allies the right-wing Tories banging the war drum. They had New Labour (creation of ex-Commie Mandleson) banging the war drum. They had Lefty Aaronovitch beating the war drum to the lefties; and then they had Griffin's BNP painting all the world's ills on 'the muzzies' so working class whites would tend to be more pro-war (the BNP favoured the Afghan war at first).

We have all been stitched up by the usual oligarchs, media moguls, banksters and vested interests.

So don't believe the hype about Libyan Viagra. The headline makers need this crap to justify another pointless war to the sheeple. And while your schools, hospitals,libraries, parks and other amenities are cut back, closed or crumble, remember that guided missiles cost circa £1 Million a time.

Cui Bono. (Translated: Ask Bono why he tax-dodges)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

White People Aren't Afraid - Sean Bean in Ca$h

I saw this in a film and thought "wow - that's not something you see in the average Hollywood film."

It is very amusing.

But please be warned is does contain bad language, so if that kind of thing offends you, please avoid. And do not play this to young children:

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Just When You Thought it Was Safe to go Back in Water...

I found this picture on a Zionist site which insinuated it was designed by Arabs, who were blaming "the Jews" for the shark attacks off Egypt.

Sounds like the truth being twisted to me, an old Zionist trick.

Still it makes for a highly amusing picture!

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