Thursday, 7 May 2009

Scottish "Gay" Youth Helpline Boss in Paedo Ring

The Paedo Ring busted in Scotland centred on a "gay couple" and James Rennie, the chief executive of advice centre LGBT Youth Scotland. They were convicted of bestial sex attacks on children.

Right: Eight Paedo-scumbags jailed in Scotland.

"LGBT Youth Scotland" gets government handouts to advise children on how to become homosexual. No doubt they help confused, pressurised, bullied and hormone-imbalanced children "accept" that they are homosexual.

As other homosexual groups have pressed for the "gay" age of consent to be lowered to 14 and even 9 we have to wonder how much paedophilia is a built-in part of the homosexual deathstyle.

The Catholic Church dropped it's strict criteria on homosexuality, and then suffered the consequences as poofs entered seminaries and abused children. Even recently liberals were organised "gay masses" in London!

Even the BNP has dropped its opposition to homosexuality by accepting known homosexual members (one well known case was accepted because of the volume of money the 'gent' donated - he was also allowed to stand as a BNP candidate in the Home Counties).

We must be unequivocal when it comes to both homosexuality and paedophilia.

Both are great evils, long unacceptable in civilised society.

Turning a blind eye to homosexuality has torn whole families and communities away from the Catholic Church in America. Homosexuality made the NF a laughing stock amongst grass roots nationalists in the early 80s.

Lessons still need to be learnt it seems.

Just because the mass media and the politically correct say something is "right" - doesn't make it so.

People might respect those who draw a line in the sand and say a simple "no" to homosexuality (and paedophilia!) far more than those who (like the Thatcherite Tories in the 80s) say one thing in public, but practice quite another thing in private.

There is hope in that James Dowson, of the excellent pro-life group the UK Life League, now seems to be the BNP's main fundraiser. The UK Life League has put out a wealth of anti-homosexual literature and says:

"We regard [homosexuality] as sexual deviance, and believe that it flies in the face of the natural Order purposed by God for humankind. "

Here's hoping...

Scottish Paedo Ring Jailed
UK Life League on Homosexuality


Anonymous said...

For once you wont get any arguments from us .

Loyal BNP

West London NF said...

kick the homo's out oif the bnp then.

talk is cheap.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for AIDS!

Anonymous said...

West London NF , is that the branch that invited raving red homo Pete Rushden as guest speaker not long back ?

Is that the same NF that JT left because the directerate refused to back his expulsion of webster and his gay mafia ?

Talk is very cheap indeed mate .

All partys are corrupted because politics is this countery has no principles not even the nationalist partys all we can do is live our own lifes by a code of conduct and try by example and education to bring our newer comrades over to a more spiritual understanding of the cause .

BNP Loyal

Anonymous said...

Harriet Harman once advocated the legalising of paedophilia, is anyone else aware of this?

She is the living embodiment of the Protocols, she absolutely despises and works to destroy the White Christian Male of this it is no secret.

Thus it is reasonable to conclude that seeing as she is Labour No.2, ALL Labourites condone and support such actions/beliefs. Let us therefore not mince words here, ANYONE who declares support for Labour is treacherous marxian vermin and as such they need to be treated as such as would a 'pest-controller'.

Yves said...

croydon bnp supported an nf candidate rather than a bnp homosexual that was foisted on them.

seems money matters.

a rich homosexual would be accepted in today's bnp.

West London NF said...

Is Rushden a homo. Wheres your proof scumbag.

You are loyal to the bnp that HAS QUEERS as candidates.

Webster was a lifetime ago ; longer ago than the BNP was Tyndalite. Tyndal is old history, so is Webster. So go screw yourself.

Why is it you dance around the fact that London bnp has queers in it by trying to drag up 30 year old NF history.

If you think Tyndal was right why not kick out the paedo's in your own party.

when you have the guts to expel you're own queers, zionists, race mixers and paedo's then i will listen to your idiot rubbish.

White Power!

Final Conflict said...

West London NF: please try and stay civil.

If messages get offensive they will NOT be published.


Disgusted of Glasgow said...

i see Dowson is publicly fronting the BNP's latest fundraising video.

How much of that money will be skimmed by him and Gri££in.

Why doesn't BNP candidate and homosexual Philips appear in the video with rev. Dowson?

or the militant atheist and paedophile Mark Collette, shaking rev. Dowson's hand?

or the adulterer and paedophile David Hannam?

why is Dowson giving a veneer of respectability to these creeps and expense account fiddlers?

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