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BNP Euro Election Broadcast: Churchill and 60s Immigrants?

No doubt most of us have, by now, seen the BNP's election broadcast for the Euros.

What to make of it?

No doubt the BNP will make hay from the MPs trousering large sums, their nepotism, cronyism and attempts to cover-up on party political grounds.

This will sound familiar to some nationalists... but regardless, to the broadcast itself.

No doubt right-wing Tory types will have viewed it with great pleasure.

The defence of "Britishness." The Churchillian overtones (much to the distress of Nicholas "Fatty" Soames, the bloated defence-specialist and grandson of Winston). The cry for the rights of the natives of these isles.

Certainly on the latter point there is little to quibble with.

But, as ever, with politicians, the devil is in the detail.

And before the Daytime TV brigade of Griffinite net-watchers chime up, is it wrong to look at the details of a political party that seeks our money, support and vote?

If it is, then you're not the democrats you so loudly and long profess to be!

After all how can any nationalist condemn Tories extending their homes with other peoples money whilst ignoring it in the BNP? Or employing family members? Or sexual shenanigans of the most sordid kind?

After all - as the BNP now seeks to defend Christendom from just one of its hand-picked enemies (no, not Freemasonry) - they should recall Christ's words on getting the log out of your own eye before seeking out the motes in others' eyes.

Now, I am not so blind (even in this land of the one-eyed kings in Westminster) as to think that we are talking of logs versus motes here as the stench emanating from Thameside is suffocating, but to replace a corrupt and degenerate gang of parties shouldn't we - as nationalists if not mere voters - be presented with something squeeky clean? Or at least trying to be clean (human foibles being what they are) and prepared to deal with corruption, degeneracy etc in an open and honest way?

Whatever its failings (human and political) at least we could respect and support that.

For example the latest scandal of the £30,000 raised to buy the Truth Truck. Some are now saying that the Truck is in fact used and others say the Truck wasn't even bought by the BNP. This is being hushed up because the BNP claim a legal case they are fighting, for use of a copyrighted image of UKIP leader Farrage, means they cannot debate the Truth Truck, but a legal expert has scoffed at this, stating it is simply not true.

£30K is small beer to Westminster crooks and degenerate thieves, but to a working man with a family struggling in the bankster/usury-caused recession this is not loose change! It's the principle not the amount.

But let's overlook all that.

Because we can be dismissed as "irrelevant" not to mention as "evil nazis" or "political dinosaurs" or even "ideological necrophiliacs" not to mention "14 words masturbators" (that last one being especially touching for sincere racial nationalists!) surely such rumination on the innards of the BNP can be forgiven by the successful band of BNPers?

Mere jealousy and bile they will say. Good luck to them! Why shoud they care of a voice crying in the wilderness however sincere, charitable, well-meaning and (dare I say it) genuinely nationalist?

So the broadcast itself.

No doubt the Blood and Honour supporters who buy BNP papers, cover BNP activities in their mag and make up some of the BNP activist base will be thrilled to hear the BNP use the epithet "evil nazis" as it too out-do a Spielberg film.

This of course in the shadow of the open acceptance of the "six million holocaust" (notwithstanding the character assassination of David Irving for doing far less some years back!).

But we can see where things are heading with the denunciation of Muslims and the defence of Britons [sic] and I quote, of "the Jewish faith" being attacked by these evil Muslims. Islam is picked apart, whilst (for example!) Judaism is defended... are not both equally anti-Christian? In fact when it comes to Jesus Christ Himself, Judaism is far more vociferous, twisted and hate-filled.

Who wrote this? Cheney? Rumsfeld? Aaronovitch? Philips?

If Mr. Griffin is out to defend the Christianity of Britain he would do well to think of who has attacked Christianity over, for example, the last two centuries. Let's not even mention the banking system and the people behind the usury which has ruined so many peoples' lives and kept others in a form of permanent slavery.

But dear reader some will say this is the mere fixation of an "anti-Semite." Let's skip all the anomalies (who are Semites, Zionism and Judaism versus Jewish people per se) in that statement for now and move on from the hang-over of this being the "most Zionist party" according to the extremist Zionist 'Board of Deputies of British Jews.'

Imagine all the talk over the last few years of 'Islamofascists' and the open appeal for Jewish votes for the BNP in the mayoral election on those very grounds were null and void. As were the justifications of Israeli war crimes against the Lebanese and Palestinian civilians. Ignore them!

Let us treat the BNP as if it were still an anti-Zionist party.

Let's be fair and give it the benefit of the doubt.



Perhaps the most interesting part of the broadcast is the part where the BNP leader deals with immigration.

Now I am pretty sure that what was said was that the problem is not the offspring of immigrants from the 50s and 60s? From that presumably we can extrapolate into the 70s and the millions of descendants and dependants of the "Ugandan Asians" and others.

Now some will argue that this is Realpolitik, doing the achievable rather than pipe dreams.

My problem is this. When you tell a lie about a policy or ideal that is central to your core belief, you betray the very basis for your existence.

Let's put it this way.

When NuLabour had their Clause 4 (?) moment they overturned their call for the nationalisation of industry et al.

It got them voted in. It won them the praise of the Masonic newspaper barons, bankers and captains of industry.

But from that moment on they were no longer socialists and from that moment on the betrayal of their grass roots grew ever greater, culminating in an illegal war for right-wing Zionist Neo Cons, something that the old, Socialist, principled Labour Party would never have done (does that remind you of the BNP's latter support for Israel - unthinkable even a few years back).

So when the BNP lie that there is no problem with the sons of immigrants, they should look at the drugs gangs in South London, the gun-totting gangs in Manchester and the muggers in other towns -- most (but not all, of course) of them the rootless descendants of original immigrants who came here decades ago, some of them with the best of intentions and even "loyal" in some misguided sense, to the Crown and the embers of the Empire (one thinks here, as an analogy, of the Ulster Loyalists who called for "Loyal" Hong Kong Chinese to move to Northern Ireland in the 90s).

So the idea that "settled" communities cause no problem, that the descendants and dependents of those original immigrants cause no problems or - as I've outlined on this blog before - that a false claim of "it's space not race" simply will not stand.

Seeing the war criminal and pawn of the Zionists, Winston Churchill, wheeled out sticks in my craw. We should expect it from the Tories and UKIP who know no better... but racial nationalists? Please! Whatever next - Bomber Harris as the "liberator of occupied Europe?"

So there's my thoughts for a penny.

The BNP can ignore them, and good luck to them in doing so.

I just hope racial nationalists will look back at the 'formation' of NuLabour amidst the Socialist organisation known officially as the Labour and Co-Operative Party and bear those lessons in mind.

Success at any price isn't all it's cracked up to be. Fini did that in Italy and is now just another right-wing Tory Masonic politician, chumming up to the class clown Berlusconi.

The future of the BNP will be interesting to watch. I suppose we should hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

We sure do live in interesting times.


Llywelyn said...

Hit on immigration and sleaze.

But nothing on banking? The credit crunch?

Imagine telling voters you CAN cut taxes AND increase services.

Anonymous said...

Griffin keeps saying the Irish ae British.

This must come as a shock to the denizens of Dublin and Cork.

If he means Ulstermen let him say Ulstermen.

Or is he ASHAMED to be a Unionist?

This political correctness is absurd. The Irish aren't British, just as the British aren't Irish.

Anonymous said...

The British Isles includes Ireland.

Like it or not, Britain is included in Europe.

You are merely referring to political not geographical.

Anonymous said...

No doubt this talk about the problem of recent immigrants will be called 'playing the political game' by Gri££in. He needs to do this only to get a foot in the door of the corridors of power will be the excuse. As you point out once you lie about a core belief, you are no different from the career politician with their snouts in the public trough. 'Nationalism' becomes, like 'socialism or 'conservatism', just another meaningless label. The BNP Truth Truck seems to be following the bandwagon of the lamestream parties!

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