Saturday, 30 May 2009

Third Poll Puts UKIP in Front of Labour!

If UKIP push Labour into third place it signifies:

  • A growing number of people want us out of the EU!
  • A general election is needed immediately.

With a big push, and tactical voting from those who would support other 'anti-EU parties' UKIP might even give the Tories a run for their money.

That is why I have been advocating tactical voting! As a party leader once said, politics is the art of the possible.

Should we be out to secure corrupt politicos their sinecures for the next 4 years and a pension-for-life (whoever they are!) or should this be about shaming the Westminster parties and getting us out of the EU?

I suggest the latter - especially before Turkey joins and we're flooded with more Third World immigrants (with no controls over how many "EU citizens" come here!).

It's now or never to pile on the pressure to get us out!

From today's Times:

The Conservatives drop four points to 30 per cent, compared with the poll three weeks ago. Labour drops nine points to 16 per cent, and the Liberal Democrats fall eight points to 12 per cent. UKIP are the beneficiaries, rising 13 points to 19 per cent, ahead of Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The Greens rise to 10 per cent, and the BNP is up three points at 5 per cent.

The Times


Anonymous said...

These polls are still utter, utter nonsense, and for you FC, with all due respect, to fall into the trap is shocking.

Polls have been useless pointers since Gallups debacle back in '92 when a landslide was predicted for Neil Pillock, even a lump of turd with a Labour flag sticking out of the steaming mess would have beaten the Tories!

As things stand, and they have stood since the NF days, people who have/will decide to vote BNP do not in the main declare this to pollsters because they then invarialbly have to put up with having to justifty doing so or else get commented on, speaking from experience this is what happens, not to any other Party mind, as a Nutzi I can take this, but I know that the majority of BNP voters won't bother causing such a situation and who can blame them, at the end of the day who you vote for is your own business.


Anonymous said...

three separate polls putting UKIP ahead of Labour???

You'd be stupid to ignore that.

People don't care about pollsters anymore, it's a private, confidential conversation.

In fact some out to shock will say BNP when they may not even bother.


Final Conflict said...

"to fall into the trap is shocking."

Sorry then. I'll clear all further news reporting with you then, your Highness!

Some Polls are wrong, some Polls are right. Some give indications.

Three polls showing UKIP ahead of NuLab shows that Labours has entered terminal throes and that people ARE sick and tired of the EU.

If that isn't news....

btw. If the BNP had featured on 17% in three polls would they remain silent?

Not on your nelly!!!

Nice try though ;-)

Final Conflict said...

Posts with foul language are being deleted.

East Mids Patriot said...

if the UKIP is so corrupt and state-sanctioned, WHY DID THE BNP TRY AND FORM A ELECTION PACT WITH IT???

This is more spin from the bnp and should be treated as the UTTER HOGWASH it is.

Both the bnp and ukip are right wing anti-EU immigration-control Masonic parties.

The bnp don't like that Ukrap are more popular and don't have the baggage of Griffin, C18, Collette (Hail Hitler) and all the rest of it.

If they could get a merger with Ukrap the bnp would do it tomorrow to fill their pockets and grab some MEP seats.

Remember Gri££ Nickin's other pipedream the "british national front" merger with a twit (Ashcroft) who was going to be the 'next big thing in nationalism' and who's now a Tory councillor after giving all his internal paperwork to Larry O'Hara's university reference library.

BNF, failed. BNP-Ukrap Bloc, failed.

Whatever next from those desperate to fill their coffers/pockets?

Honest answers on the "Truth Truck" £30K and the Trafalgar Club accounts might be a start.

Ex-BNP Organiser.

GriffinWatch said...

You have more chance of platting fog than getting an honest answer from Griffarage about his Trafalgar club.

Anonymous said...

Or the "Solidarity Union" Mark 2.

Gri££ Nickin putting money for the BNP through his own account and then into Solidarity the "independent" Union???


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