Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Death of Racial Nationalism

Is it me?

All this Muslims this, Muslims that and "we luv Jews" sounds more like Likud Party spokesmen...

Nationalism is being sold down the river.

Red Squirrel's Nuts About Jews


Anonymous said...

England is too important to dally with Jews or Moslems.One cannot co-exist with them - as the Arabs have found in Palestine, and Christians in Pakistan too. All are our enemy, all are death to us.

Whitelaw Towers said...

These people are just useful idiots and will be thrown aside once they out live their usefulness.

Once we could stand on our own two feet. Now we need the blessing of the Jew to be a Nationalist. Loyalty is a thing of the past.

Don't panic Australia has them also. But we will get rid of them soon enough.

Anonymous said...

You seem to asume that any hostility to Muslims means those who espouse such hostility must of necessity be of the 'we luv jews' mentality.

Slowly catchy monkey and all that, that explains how you are standing still 'preaching to the converted' while in the meantime the BNP are breaking through to the mainstream.

Oh to be so pious as you.

Final Conflict said...

Erm... not piety at all (sad but true!)

Those same people have backed Israel in the war with Lebanon...

And the BNP itself has but out pro-Jewish election material, so that it was called "the most Zionist party" by a Zionist group!!!

Open your eyes!

Oh to be as dumb as you!

Final Conflict said...

William Cobbett [luv your books btw] is correct.

The only agreement should be with those seeking to repatriate their fellow Asiatic people:

Asians to Asia, Africans to Africa, Arabs to Arabia, and Jews to the Tartar lands [or the Jewish state established in "Russia"].

When the NF did this [back in the 80s] with pro-repatriation blacks they were slammed.

Now the BNP is saying "sons of [black/Asian] immigrants are no problem to stay here" [presumably White Latvians, Poles etc. are though...]

Pass me the vomit bucket.

Anonymous said...

slowly slowly catchey monkey?

blah blah blah.

we had all that crap back in 1999.

after the treachery of supporting Israel this is all claptrap.

people now joining the bnp are joining what they want: a pro-zionist anti-muslim pressure group.

Nationalism is dead.

Anonymous said...

Yes FC.

it is oh so important to break through to the mainstream -- just so's they can get more middle class tories who thank coloureds can be patriots and that Israel should be supported.

Radical man.

Anonymous said...

Rock on tommy!

West London NF said...

The BNP is a Zionist Party. End of.

stu32 said...

I think that Griffin is the pied piper and is leading Nationalism to the river.
Like you say its Muslim this and Muslim that.......they are a problem,no doubt but the Libral elite are the ones importing them in.To what ends? do they want a civil war or do they simple want us to hate them that much we'll all support Isreal/America/Britain(and any other Jew run groups) when they blow them up?

Final Conflict said...

Freemasonry has more to do with this than we know...

West London NF said...

The BNP is ZOG-run as Stevie Cartwright has shown clearly:

SE London British Movement said...

Be a true National Socialist.

Anonymous said...

Will Zionism and betrayal deliver a powerless but profitable seat in Brussels?

And if it doesn't what next for the experiment?

khamas goy said...

There is nothing to fear from living with muslims, the only time there has been peace in palestine between muslim christian and jew is under the caliphate, history has recorded the grace with which the amir of the muslims and companion of prophet muhammed (pbuh) treated the christians when he took jerusalem and the benevolence and beautiful manners of salahudeen is legendary even in the west.
For nearly 1400 years all lived there in peace until zionism reared its ugly head and the land was stolen by russian thieves.
By the way william cobbett, no muslim holds pakistan as an example of muslim government and and mistreatment of christians there is totally condemnable but its not much safer to be a muslim there either.
The nationalist movement has been infiltrated by jewish zionists for its own agenda, go to stormfront and have a read of some of the threads there, the place is snived with jewish internet defense force/jdl/adl/psy ops people posing as nationalists to incite hated against muslims and post pictures of funky pop stars in threads like 'people you didnt know were jews' and soft focus photos of fair skinned idf female soldiers,wake up people.

Final Conflict said...

I have no "fear" of Islam per se, though I believe it to be a false religion.

I think the main threat comes from Judeo-Masonry, which has also been the main player behind promoting mass immigration.

I do not believe Asians [Muslim or Sikh/Hindu] should be allowed to live here as citizens.

I have nothing against Asians visiting, tourists, students etc. (in controlled numbers) but I believe citizenship should be withheld for the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic-Pictish-Norse peoples of these Isles.

I also believe that Europe is Christian and should return to that as opposed to false Masonic humanism.

I have no enmity whatsoever with the Arab peoples and support their right to self-determination.

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