Sunday, 10 May 2009

Huge Range of Flags Just £5 each

Remember that we have a huge range of 100s of flags, many of them rare, including nationalist and military designs, historic and heraldic designs, football and sporting designs.

With postage fixed at just £1 per order there's never been a better time to grab a load of flags, whether it's for your (and friends') personal use, an activity, a rally, a camp, a community event etc. etc.

Right: Our 18" x 12" hand held RAF flag (£2.99).

So from the Celtic Cross to Richard the Lionheart's Three Lions, from the Confederate Battle Flag to the German Imperial Navy Iron Cross, from the Household Cavalry to Rhodesia: there's a flag for everyone!

Left: The flag of St Edmund of Suffolk, the historic Saxon Patron Saint of England.

And don't miss our hand held and table-top flags too!

Fill yer boots!

FC Flags


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