Monday, 20 December 2010

BBC Story Repeats Jewish Libel

It's almost Christmas, when Christians celebrate the 2000 year old festivity of the birth of Christ, so as usual we get an attack on the central tenet of the Nativity story.

perhaps unsurprisingly, this story on the BBC repeats the Jewish lie (i.e. Talmudic lie) that the Virgin Mary was a whore:

Daily Express Story

Now I know this comes from the newspaper of a pornographer with an axe to grind against the BBC, but we have to ask whether a full frontal assault on Judaism or Islam would be allowed on the BBC.

For Christians, to question the parentage of Christ is a despicable act, because it undermines the salvific nature of Christ's birth and the Holiness of Christmas itself.

That this 2000 year old Jewish lie against Mary and Christ (repeated on the BBC many times - not least in Jeremy Bowen's series on the history of Christ) should be aired shows that the BBC (known for its gay mafia and Commie-tendency) does not fear to assault Christ and Christmas.

We should all be outraged, because this undermines our European, Christian heritage (what's left of it!) and once Christmas is undermined and gone as a special occasion, there will be nothing left to mark our Christian heritage.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for drawing attention to this broadcast as I don't usually watch tv. Christmas has come early this year as it's a real treat to see the wrapping paper of demagoguery removed and the wind-baggery of socialism exposed. Archer and Aiken although odious characters at least owned up to perjury when caught in a similar fix; no doubt Sheridan will continue his 'fight' for 'justice': after all when has reality meant anything to socialists?

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