Friday, 24 December 2010

Queen Offers us Harmony? Pull the Other One it's Got Jingle Bells on

As is the way of things, we have been told what will be in the queen's speech tomorrow.

For those of you outside of the UK or the parts of the world that used to be coloured in red on the map (that's the British Empire dontchaknow), the queen records a speech which then goes out on BBC1, I think at 3pm. I have to be honest - as a seditious-minded bod I don't watch it.

The modern media likes to tell us what will be said, what is being said, and what has been said by the "great and the good" and so the political class and others get three times the coverage for the same hackneyed speeches offering the world but delivering nothing.

But to return to the queen's speech.

This year, we're reliably informed she will tell us how sport can bring communities together and create harmony.


Now there's a buzz word.

When a family has Sunday dinner and everyone share's the roasties, we rarely hear the word "harmony."

When a classroom in Shropshire works quietly and finishes its work on time, we rarely hear the word "harmony."

When Bristol City play Bristol Rovers and the supporters mix in a friendly atmosphere, we rarely hear the word "harmony."

When scouts from across Scotland hold a gathering and everything goes smoothly with a wonderful atmosphere, we rarely hear the word "harmony."

Harmony is a special word.

Harmony is a buzz word used by those who defend the migration of millions of non-Europeans, non-Whites to the UK.

Harmony is a buzz word used by those who have created the Balkanisation of our cities, who have imported organised crime gangs and drug cartels from around the world.

Harmony is the buzz word used by those who destroyed the harmony of indigenous working class communities made up of British people with a smattering of our European/Christian cousins.

The same forces who purposefully destroyed communities that were perfectly harmonious and created violence, street crime, drugs-riddled areas and much more now have the chutzpah to preach about "harmony."

A few years ago the queen used her speech to wax lyrical about the "joys" of multi-culturalism - joys she and the political class never have to enjoy at their fullest, at the sharp end shall we say?

Over decades the rulers of this land (seen and unseen - but Freemasons almost to a man) have destroyed the harmony we had. And the queen sat over all that chaos, rubber-stamping the obscene laws that allowed mass, uncontrolled immigration which has destroyed the White, Christian character of this land.

Yet they know have the brassneck to tell us that sports can bring "harmony."

As if!

If the political class wanted harmony they could start resettling the non-Whites. Start with the criminals, families who wish to return, professionals who want to help others in their own lands - and let's go from there.

Over the years, who knows, we may even get what the queen falsely offers us now: harmony.


Anonymous said...

Harmony... yeah right.... Unlike her namesake, Elizabeth I who presided over the removal of blackamoors from Britain, the reigning monarch has seen the situation reversed with the country being overrum by Turd World hordes. Against this colonisation the queen hasn't lifted a finger despite pledging to defend the realm. All she offers in her broadcasts is insulting advice to the few who still bother watching.

Anonymous said...

Liz also rubber stamped the laws on homosexuality and abortion. great leader of a christian church.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a great supporter of the monarchy but as they have done absolutely zero to help stop the rot in this country I just can't see the point in them anymore.

Anonymous said...

the queen is a pro-homo, pro-immigrant waste of space

Tim said...

no protestant [unless you are a retard "beer-only prod" of the 'i support rangers' but live in Dorset type] should support this carcas of a queen. she passed laws in favour of homosexuals. she should be the head of a dung heap, not a church.

Final Conflict said...

Would the retards who keep posting with foul language against posts they disagree with (thus betraying their lack of diction and intelligence] please remember that foul language is not allowed and therefore will not be published. They are therefore wasting their own time. No-one will read their semi-literate abusive posts. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

God Bless the Queen!

A Protestant Queen for a Protestant People.

We Are The People!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! A pro-queer, pro-immigration queen: just what you deserve.

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