Thursday, 23 December 2010

Will We See the REAL Face of Communism?

BBC1 Scotland tonight 9pm.

The Rise and Lies of Tommy Sheridan.

Might this be a real exposé of the Communist who was defended by the destroyer of the Hess-Peace-Stone (a private monument on private ground), solicitor Mohammed Anwar Aamer, also a Communist activist.

It will certainly be an interesting programme...

Folks with satellite TV can watch BBC1 Scotland live. Otherwise, watch it when it's repeated on BBC i-player on the main BBC website.


Nationalist From Scotland said...

Sheridan's hubris brought him down. He thought that he was so powerful that he could get away with his lies but in the end not even the assorted oddballs and dogmatic Marxists of the SSP were blinded enough by their hero worship of him to join him in lying to cover-up his sordid personal life.

His career has been greatly assisted by fawning reporters in the local media who have given him many a soft interview over the years and this has led to the more unthinking of the electorate to believe that he was a serious politician. Sadly, he managed to exploit the problems of poverty that exists in many parts of Glasgow and was seen as some kind of saviour by people living in neglected schemes, (council housing estates), who have been treated as mere sheep voting fodder by the Labour Party for decades with none of the special treatment lavished on minority groups.

His lawyer is also worth looking into. Anyone out there with the skills and resources to delve into his background?

For those that did not see the BBC Scotland documentary I can report that while it did not exactly go for the jugular, it did fairly and squarely lay bare Sheridan's lies. He sat there in the studio denying everything but now his story lies in tatters. A spell of porridge followed by obscurity awaits him.

Final Conflict said...

I watched the prog. Very interesting. Was Sheridan stitched up by his "comrades" or was/is he a degenerate? Was he the greatest leader of a Communist group in Scotland or a megalomaniac who ruined the whole thing? If the former, then was he targeted by moles within the movement backed up by big money media and a compliant police? If the latter was his downfall inevitable after the ideologues in his party saw through him? Very, very interesting. Either way - either through self-immolation or via powerful enemies - Socialism and Communism in Scotland has been split asunder.

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