Friday, 17 December 2010

Protest Against the Profiteering Multi-Nationals

Demonstrators are starting to ask why characters (New Unhappy Lords, men with no loyalty to nation, people who use concentration-camp goods from China and child labour sweat-shop clothes from Asia to make millions in profit and undercut European and British-made quality items and local shops) such as Philip Green can tax dodge and get jobs with the government.

Left: Phillip Green chunnels his billions through his wife Tina, based in Monaco, to avoid paying taxes. Meanwwhile he is employed by the British government. Boycott his shops such as Burton, Topshop etc.

People are asking why the government can bail out banksters for muti-billions, wipe out a tax bill (Vodafone) for £6 billion, then chase unemployed people for relative pennies, close down old peoples' homes, shut hospital wards, shut local libraries etc.

Nationalists must take part in, or organise, demos against the banksters, Zionist big businesses and those who first loyalty is profit and not our nation and our people.

If we don't we give ground to the brain dead Anarcho-pinkos and moth-eaten Marxian deadbeats, with no real answers!

Power from Profit - They're buying your souls!
Power from Profit: puts you on the dole.

Uk Uncut


Anonymous said...

Be careful not to swallow the guff pushed by UK Uncut they are a front for the SWP/Class War Federation etc).

UK Uncut claim that 'tax dodging' accounts for £100billion not being paid in tax, this figure is one they have plucked from thin air.

As to Green being appointed by the Government this would seem an inspiring move as what better way to pinpoint the means by which accountants use the tax loopholes than someone who au fait with such practice! Lexus amongst many car manufacturers, employ 'reformed' car thieves in their security development (Lexus is one of the most secure cars).

Those who take part in such 'magnanimous' activity would (and have) taken advantage of loopholes themselves because although not illegal they are immoral but then these 'spokesmen of the people' think we are able to ignore such minor details!

Anonymous said...

Green should be in the stocks not rewarded with a govt job.

Anonymous said...

Aborrent as these tax evaders are, what they do is immoral rather than illegal, it is no good targetting those who have in their employ the top accountants but rather to force the government to change the tax law they themselvses put in place but, of course they won't do that, and it is also a bit rich that they (UK Uncut and fellow travellers)can get away with attacking the Tories on this as the Marxist Labour administration is more than a friend to the boss class!

Anonymous said...

It is fatuous to excuse the rich who pay less tax than cleaners.

Just because Marxists are behind some of this does not mean we should give ground.

Schools' budgets are cut and much more, while the mega-rich hide their money away.

Anonymous said...

It is not how much tax someone pays in relation to another but how every penny of that tax is put to use.

To rely on the Government (ANY Government!) to provide us with State funded services is an absolvment of our own responsibilities to provide for our own. Most hospitals, libraries were provided by the money provided by philanthropists without the need for counsultants, mangaging directors, numerous pen pushers etc.

Many people also wrongly class entreprenaurs as leeches/tax dodgers to be bracketed with the banksters, such people ought to keep their views as regards taxation to themselves lest they remove all preconceptions that they are morons!

errol said...

The song "Roots" touched me very, very deeply and the message got home. We need to water our roots with our souls, tears and blood. Englishmen arise, it's time to take back our homeland before it's too late. Please for our children's sake do this. NOW!!!!!
Kenneth Errol Lovering

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