Thursday, 9 December 2010

Wikileaks Vs. Paypal and Mastercard: A Political Agenda?

The hackers' attacks on those withdrawing basic commerce systems from Wikileaks has us crying few tears at FC.

Both Paypal and Mastercard have withdrawn payment services from our online shop some time ago (despite us operating within the law), and Amazon has long been a supporter of Zionist Israel.

Paypal and Mastercard willingly supply their services to those selling/promoting Communist, Socialist, overt homosexual and other disruptive anti-civilised agendas.

yet they said FC was not acceptable, presumably because certain people made complaints.

Bowing to pressure for political ends is clearly something they do as a matter of course.

Therefore if Wikileaks supporters chose to assault their systems we can only look on and smile.

What goes around comes around. C'est la guerre.


Anonymous said...

If Wikileaks doesn't serve to make even larger numbers of the population 'Elder-Wise' then nothing will!

The enigmatic elite, behind their smoke and mirrors, never pay homage to an intrusive truth. They rail at it and seek angry retribution!


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