Sunday, 12 December 2010

A Very Middle Class Revolution

The sight of students and lefty-anarchists rioting in London has been accompanied by many stories of the middle and upper class students enjoying the riots.

I find myself torn in two directions.

I cannot overlook the injustice of burdening young people with debt (usury is usury), especially when (as so many people are now forgetting thanks to a compliant media) the bankers caused all this upheaval.

Lest we forget, "our" government bailed out the banksters to the tune of multi-billions of pounds (essentially tax-payers' money as we will repay the usury-debt on the loans) and now it is taking money from the young, the needy and even emergency services (today they announced the closure of coast guard stations).

meanwhile a report from the City of London the other night showed a busy shopping "mall," bustling with City workers busy spending their inflated wages and bonuses.

So whichever way we look at this, as nationalists, we have to say the same old Zionist usury-bankster con is rolling on, and we the battered tax-payers (of today and tomorrow) will pay the bill for the greedy profiteers with no national loyalty, those with "...dead alien eyes" to quote the great patriotic Englishman GK Chesterton or as the sublime Welsh nationalist Saunders Lewis wrote, with their "Hebrew snouts" in ledgers.

Yet at the same time we are seeing the usual "rent-a-mob" circus with flea-bitten anarcho-Marxian causes dusted off and leftist banners raised over the multi-culti, middle class throngs.

The system is creaking and people are disgusted with bankers, politicians etc. and the safety-valve of the soap dodgers is released. Thus we see the middle and upper class idle rich-kids proclaiming anarchist and/or socialist revolution (notably when they and their ilk are threatened with bills - they didn't riot when workers were thrown on the dole).

I recall as a youth in a working class area, the anger when the middle class students came into town to plaster their SWP posters and stickers everywhere, telling us that our City was a "nazi free zone" only to bugger off back to mummy and daddy's suburban des res at the end of the academic year (before going on to work in banking).

I used to (used to?) get irate that the middle classes could descend on the city I grew up in and tell us what to think, go on about "the workers" when they were bank-rolled by mummy and daddy, meanwhile we - from the families of workers they claimed to speak for - were sick to death of mass immigration.

So I find myself in the position of a classic liberal: I defend the right of the students to protest, because I see the injustice of a system that taxes people to bail out multi-billion earning banksters; yet I loathe the sight of the same rent-a-mob, middle class banksters-of-tomorrow claiming to defend "workers' rights."

As ever, we need a third position, a movement of the people, not merely speaking out for the vested interests of the few, but denouncing the usury-banking-Westminster system in defence of the entire nation.

Here endeth the rant. ;-)


Anonymous said...

As you'll be well aware, the SWP et al are only interested in this movement for the same reason the clamp like tapeworms onto any popular movement, and they will crap on the students when something else comes along.

Sympathy for the middle class scream of agony that dthey are to no longer get their slice of the tax cake? LOL.

Anonymous said...

What useful idiots Mummy's little Marxists are! There's no way these pampered protestors would riot under Labour, who also increased students' fees; under a Tory government, however, they can't wait to 'bring on the revolution'! Thus these 'revolutionaries' by fabricating, in the minds of the electorate, a fictitious division between Labour and Conservative, help maintain the illusion of democracy!

Anonymous said...

The middle class are the most selfish/greedy baskets, I hope this current economic situation absolutely suffocates these leeches.

It is these baskets who have created the 'housing crisis' by their buy-to-let greed.

The current students nonsense is because they have to somehow pay for a service only they will benefit from? I am not going to pay for these lazy baskets to lounge around at my expense for 3 years only for them to get their top whack position at the end of it and for them not to pay me back and, in the process stop my own children getting that top position.

Bring back apprenticeships, the only students who should be subsidised ought to be those who go into medicine and such socially benefitial occupations.

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