Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Day: And the Evil Sodomites Plan Unravels

According to reports the sodomite 'couple' Elton John and David Furnish arranged for "their" baby to be born on Christmas Day.

Some might say this was an ostentatious Christmas present, others might point to a more sinister reasoning. After all, Reg Dwight (John) has publicly said he would like all those opposed to homosexuality put on an island and a bomb dropped on them.

He may be many things, but he's no fool. He knows most Christians are opposed to homosexuality, and he knows that Christmas Day and the birth of Christ is a special Feast Day for Christians throughout the world.

Now every Christmas the 'flamboyant' pair will make the news on the latest extravagance foisted on their spoilt brat.

Our only hope is that the spoilt brat rebels and opposes sodomites with every fibre in his body!

But seriously, why is this issue important to nationalists?

a. Because some nationalists seem to think it is "OK" to have homosexuals in our ranks, thus making us no different from all the establishment lackeys.
b. Because unless we as nationalists make a stand against this kind of degeneracy and rank hypocrisy we will absolutely see the end of 2000 years of "Western", Christian civilisation -- given over to the Masonic powers who want to corrupt our societies completely.

While the media, political parties, Hollywood etc. promote homosexuality, we cannot hope to stop immigration, stamp out drug abuse etc. because all these moral diseases are inextricably linked (if only because homosexuals - especially in the media - are behind attacks on nationalism and Christianity, and behind the promotion of drugs, immigration etc).

We, as a society, are rotting away from within whilst these cancers spread -- destroying the lives of countless victims and ripping apart communities -- and we have a duty to oppose the cancers and speak out for what is absolutely right.

In doing so people will thank us for offering a true alternative devoid of drugs, sodomites, mass immigration and much else besides.


Anonymous said...

that picture is madame tussauds right?

Julian said...

Little by little normality is warped further and further. The new “truths” we are fed have become almost a crime to question or reject. This is the truth. In our topsy-turvey world virtue is ignored and deviancy glorified, taught and promoted.

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