Sunday, 19 December 2010

Marcus Brigstocke - Another Champagne Socialist

You can tell an archetypal leftist/socialist/anarchist/communist (delete as necessary) because they liberally diffuse the word "actually" throughout their discourses, like the Dave Spart character in Private Eye.

They also regularly turn up in the media, as rent-a-gobs with a pre-formed opinion on radio shows, or on Question Time, or on comedy panel shows. Funny how socialists (many of whom still secretly admire mass murderers) get such a regular outing on the media. That tells us more about our media -- e.g. when immigration is discussed they will role out an immigrant activist, a businessman (who needs cheap labour immigrants) and a socialist to tell us -- from all their perspectives -- how immigration has bettered the lot of each and every one of us.

A dissenting voice is rarely allowed! We can't be told that the emperor is naked.

The worst type of lefty-rebel is the privately educated, upper-middle class types, who put a punk t-shirt on, swear a bit and then proceed to tell all of us workers what is best for us (this invariably includes open-border policy on immigration, and wholesale "rights" for homosexuals) -- everything the traditional workers were (and many still are, despite BBC brainwashing) against.

Now many would be-anarchos start off school in posh paid-for establishments. One such person I've noticed pushing his ultra-liberal agenda (except when it comes to those who oppose his agenda) is the bloke with the most middle class name of all: Marcus.

yes, on Radio 4's 'The Now Show' over the last two weeks, Mr. Marcus Brigstocke has all but screeched his disapproval of anyone who opposes "climate change" and those who deems "right-wing extremists" (the BNP & EDL).

According to Wikipedia, "Brigstocke attended Westbourne House School just outside Chichester before going onto the independent King's Bruton School in Somerset."

The former is a posh semi-boarding prep school, the latter is another semi-boarding posh school.

Just in case you think Marcus went to a bog-standard school like me (and most of the readers of this blog), here's some facts about King's Bruton school in Somerset (known for its huge population of Pakistanis and Gangsta Rappers - not):

In September 1999, The Hobhouse Science centre was opened, complete with a fully equipped observatory. The School enjoys a purpose built theatre, sports hall and fitness suite and exceptional sports surfaces for rugby and cricket as well as an all weather pitch for hockey.

Oh how lucky we poor proles are -- with our hatred of our country being turned into a Third World dump, distrust of One World agendas -- to have grown up posh kids like Marcus to tell us how we are wrong!

Brigstocke is like all the politicians who went to posh schools who then tell us how great the comprehensive system is; and the politicians who live in rich suburbs who tell us how fortunate those of us who grew up in areas with huge Asian or black populations were!

Reminds me of the 'Londoner' Socialist Billy Bragg who happens to live in whitest Dorset -- but how that's OK because he talks to the Asian who works in his local petrol station (honestly - he said that once in an interview).

Right on!

Brigstocke can wax lyrical about global warming because he can afford the extra taxes. Here's a man who - I dare say - travels on a plane more often the average working-class man, busy preaching to us.

Brigstocke can inform us how great (comprehensive) multi-cult schools are because he went to virtually all-white posh schools.

Another left-wing wannabe-anarcho-socialist from a privaleged background telling us why we should let our country become a non-White/European, non-Christian, UN/EU slave-state no doubt with poofs having full "rights" and buggery taught in schools.

What do I mean "become" - thanks to Marcus and his ilk who entered the media, parliament and the legal profession -- that's exactly what this country has become.

Still, at least we have rich kids like Marcus to tell us how lucky we are, and how "evil racists" are so bad (in that "two legs bad, four legs good" kind of way).


Anonymous said...

It does seem as if the take over by the middle class is all but concluded.

From politics to popular music/culture for example one of the clowns in Ndubz was educated at the same establishment as the Miliband brothers, so your statement that Brigstocke attending Kings Burton would have cossetted him from Pakies and Gangsta Rappers is not true. Shit hole schools are there to cater for the White working class.

I ain't into 'class war' but when the revolution comes those middle class ponces are going to get nutted which would thus rid our country of the anarcho/communist/wigger element in one fell sweep!

Final Conflict said...

having one posh black in your school is NOT akin to having half your school African/Pakistani and full of crap lefty teachers more worried about wearing CND badges than the aspirations of working class indigenous pupils.

Anonymous said...

don't know much about the demographics of our best educational establishments do you FC? There is considerably more than the one 'posh black' (although I was making ref. specifically to Pakies/Asians...Gangsta Rappers are inveriably wiggers!)

The liberal elite ensure that muds are encouraged/subsidised in their attendance in the best schools whilst their middle class/lefty agents are given into their care the maleable minds of the White working class just so's they know that their options consist of either cannon fodder or factory fodder!

Anonymous said...

so you are saying that posh bording schools, prep schools ect are full of blacks and pakies like london schools?

Rufus said...

It makes me laugh that Brigstocke repeats the global warming nonsense and the lie that the BNP and EDL (especially the latter) are enemies of the multi-culti Establishment. How these stooges love to play their pantomime roles in public, all the while serving the same Zionist masters...

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