Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy St George's Day

A very Happy St George's Day to all FC's English readers and supporters.

St George became the patron Saint of England after the returning Crusaders brought his cult back from Palestine.

In standing up to the pagan Roman Empire the Roman soldier St George showed that soldiers and warriors could lay down their lives for the Church and gain martyrdom.

An important ideal to those fighting the Crusades, to protect pilgrims who were being attacked and to defend Churches that were being destroyed. The Crusades were defensive wars (thus, just wars) not offensive wars (such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine etc. today)

Above Right: St George Rose Knight Flag available

NB: To those gullible, ignorant or wilful miscreants who claim that St George was a Turk, he was not. It is thought he was from Asia Minor, but in the first Millennia that land was Greek/Byzantine/Roman and not "Turkish" or Asiatic. In fact it had some of the earliest Churches. St George was a European soldier in a European army. We've had enough of the atheist, communist, masonic lies. They're boring.


Anonymous said...

FC, being all Holy I thought you would have needed no reminding that St. George is not celebreated on the 23rd this year as it is Holy Week and as such Saint days are relegated to later days.

Final Conflict said...

Being all Holy? If only my friend. You set your levels far too low! I am well aware of this, but in popular culture the 23rd is St George's Day. Is a blog the place to debate the Church calendar? Some blogs might be... but thinks for the comment anyway, I'm sure you are being charitable.

When a Saint's Day falls on a Holy Day of Obligation (e.g. Whitsun or Palm Sunday), I believe it is also moved, but again, "popular" feasts such as St George's Day still tend to be celebrated on the original day by the secular media etc.

Anonymous said...

so you consider yourself 'secular media' now?

Final Conflict said...

oh dear - quite the argumentative troll aren't we? yes, FC obviously is part of the secular media (as opposed to be secularist). Your next barely disguised swipe is eagerly anticipated!

Anonymous said...

just ignore him FC. he's obviously a twit, with an a.

Andy said...

FC: Surely if you are not a clerical blog (i.e. run by the Church or a celrgyman) then you are part of the secular media. Does that fellow need a lobotomy?

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