Sunday, 3 April 2011

Those Libyan Lies: Enough Neo Cons! Stop Lying.

Some Media/Neo Con 'Libyan' Lies:

  • The (Gaddafy) Libyan air force bombed civilians. There is no proof of this and Russian satellites have shown no evidence of sorties against civilians or civilian centres.
  • Meanwhile the "allies" have already killed civilians as well as rebel forces in "friendly fire."

  • Gaddafy would have slaughtered thousands in Benghazi. Again no proof has been offered. Where are the thousands killed in other towns and cities captured?
  • The "allies" say talk of "house to house" searches in a conquered Benghazi is proof - yet just the other day reported "house to house" searches by the rebels in one town, which they were then pushed back out of.

  • Video of rockets, tanks and artillery from the Libyan Army was shown as proof of Gaddafy targeting civilians. No proof of this was shown.
  • Video of rockets and similar shot by rebels outside of "pro-Gaddafy" towns was dismissed as 'the rebels firing on Gaddafy loyalists' positions' by sections of the media and Neo Cons/war hawks.

How much more hypocrisy do we have to put up with? Where is the NATO intervention in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and (dare I say it?) Israel?

Enough is enough.

As some dark chappies once said: Don't believe the hype.


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