Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Kosher Trolls on the Internet

Just why do trolls bother?

We regularly get weird messages, usually from trolls accusing us of being Communists, or Nazis. Then we get some accusing us of being race-mixing traitors, or White supremacists. And so it goes on, and on, and on.

It gets quite boring.

The latest bizarre missive is just so - well, bizarre - here it is in all its absurd glory:

Greetings Comrade,
Was reading the fine print and noticed the restrictions on anti-racists, govt spooks and other scum from viewing your website. As I enjoy reading up on the news and in fact use it as my one true source, I still felt a bit uneasy.
You see, I used to be a member of Israelis against Apartheid; the foremost organization of anti-racists and peace-lovers in Israelis who are known for their provocative actions all to advance "brotherly love" and "goodwill".
I have since recognized the error of my ways and thus renounced my former affiliations with this group of untermenschen and joined "Kahane Chai"; A militant group, of true patriots the likes of whom I am sure you are familiar with.
My question is, in light of my devotion to the patriotic causes of Jewish supremacy and fighting for Eretz Israel, do I still fit the grade?
My former anti-racist leanings notwithstanding?
please reply ASAP, as your enlightened musings and opinions on the problems of the world mean everything to me.
yours truly for a world free of internet filth,

Sheesh. He should try the BNP...


Nationalist from Scotland said...

Either your correspondant is taking the piss or the spooks are not a patch on their 1960's COINTELPRO predecessors. At least the FBI back then used to send the ANP letters that might have caused genuine disquiet in the ranks had they been taken seriously.

Perhaps you should adopt the tactics of those online who have turned the tables on Nigerian fraudsters and send Motti an e-mail back encouraging him to make a fool of himself and send you a picture to share with us on here?

Final Conflict said...

nah - let 'em stew in their own juice.

they can waste their own time.

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