Sunday, 17 April 2011

The War Being Waged in Parliament, the Media and on the Streets

The Mail on Sunday is a Zionist rag. Yet, as with the equally vomit-inducing socialist Guardian, it sometimes publishes items verging on the truth (albeit with their controlling twist).

With The Mail it's usually immigration (but they aren't against race-mixing) and The Guardian it's on Zionist wars (but they aren't against Israel and Zionist power per se).

Of course the flip side is that the Mail is screamingly pro-Israel and The Guardian is screamingly pro-immigrant.

Whatever poison you choose your nation suffers: that's the truth of the controlled mass-media.

Anyway today's Mail on Sunday has a glimmer of the truth.

A man who chose to display a palm cross (today is Palm Sunday) in his works van is facing the sack from a boss who is free to display a picture of Che Guevara in his office (pictured above)!

That's the truth of it. All this anti-Christian hysteria doesn't come from the Muslims, the Sikhs, the Zoroastrians (?) or the 57 varieties of multi-faith pick n mix ecumaniacal religions flourishing in post-Christian Britain.

The hatred towards Christianity comes from the Marxists, the Socialists, the Masons, the Zionists: the extreme anti-Christian political commissars of the Left and Right, the type that infest the political parties, that infest Brussels (and so create the EU 'human rights' legislation).

These are the people who ban Christmas celebrations: the Muslims et al don't really care -- it's the cultural Marxists who are behind the local government schemes: they are the Marxist "Al Qaeda" out to ban and banish Christ, and they use the excuse of Muslims, Sikhs etc. when the latter don't really mind that much.

The same cultural Marxists push homosexuality, multi-culti, race-mixing and more in the schools, in the local papers etc.

Oh yes, faggots have their rights. The Jews and Muslims have their rights. The Satanists have their rights. The "Transgender community" have their rights. All ushered on by Marxists in local government and Bankster-bribed Masons in national government and the EU.

Everyone has the right to do anything. Do What Thou Wilt is the Crowleyesque order of the day. Poofs jailed for public outrages and worse are played on the radio. Known druggies infest the media. The "heroes" of today are the degenerates, all cheered on by a media run by the same degenerates, poofs and druggies. Imagine a celeb speaking against homosexuality or immigration? Do you think his songs would get played or he'd still host a TV show?

Yes - everyone has the right to do anything: except Christians of course!

Christianity has been pegged into a 'Songs of Praise' corner. As long as you sing Kum-By-Ya, accept homosexuals, embrace multi-culti and think of Christianity as one-amongst-many in the pick n mix range that has "enriched" the UK (enriched is a media code word for chaos, destruction, loss and invasion/colonialism), then you get the thumbs up from the poofs and druggies infesting the media.

As long as you adopt this Judaised, bastardised, EU-acceptable empty husk then you get the all clear from the powers-that-be.

But if you are a Christian that stands publicly by your Faith, that says others are false, that condemns homosexuality, usury, abortion etc. - then watch out!

The cultural Marxists will scream for your blood. These media cases (like the B&B sodomites and the Sodomites kissing in a pub) are show-trials. They are put out to scare us into shutting up, to warn us against speaking out.

This is a war. It is a war being waged in parliaments, in councils, in businesses and on the streets.

It is our duty to fight back.


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