Friday, 15 April 2011

Mossad, Iran, Stuxnet and Japan's Nuclear Disaster

Following our last article on Fukushima and Stuxnet, an FC supporter sent us this info: was a great article on the Zionist role in Fukushima.

Israel introduced the Stuxnet virus into Iran's nuclear energy plants last year, as you will be aware. The Jerusalem Post reported on the 30th December 2010 that the British State was also involved with Mossad in attempting to sabotage Iran's nuclear programme. This sabotage included not only Stuxnet, but also the assassination of 5 Iranian nuclear scientists and an explosion which killed 18 Iranian technicians.

In regard to Fukushima, Haaretz is now reporting that it was the Israeli security firm Magna that was providing “security” for the plant prior to the incident. Magna is based in Dimona, the very site where Israel carried out the testing on the Stuxnet virus.

This is the reality of Zionist terror; a terror which sees the goyim of Japan as expendable, along with the million dead Iraqis and the unknown number of dead in Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine and across the world.

It rather puts the “threat” of the burqa into perspective, don’t you think?

Picture above is of Zionist Federation demo against the peace Flotilla, which was stormed by Uzi waving Israeli Commandos. The EDL announced it was joining this Pro-Israel demo. Nice.


Nationalist from Scotland said...

It's hard to know what to believe about the Japanese nuclear situation but there is something that smells about it, that's for sure.

Re the flotilla, did not the Israelis put out a statement along the lines that their commandos were armed only with non-lethal stun guns? So how did all those people on the ships get killed then?

Final Conflict said...

The Israelis actually said they were armed with paint ball guns. CAN YOU BELIEVE THEIR CHUTZPAH? Commandos, armed killers, shooting goyim... and the media reports they had paint ball guns! blurgh.

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