Sunday, 24 April 2011

Jesus Christ Mocked in Israel - are the EDL Watching?

Thanks to Griffin Watch for highlighting this first one. More follow:

Can we see this exposed on the EDL or BNP site? Note how Christians are 'evil' and how Jews rejected Christ?

This is not a neo-nazi video, or a Christian extremist video. It is Jewish!

They can spout their hatred with impunity. It is this evil mindset that infects the Masons, Marxists and the homosexual lobby.

This people demand laws protecting Judaism and Islam in Europe - yet attack our Faith in Israel! Christian Palestinians are attacked, bombed, machine-gunned and our Churches are strafed by the Israeli Army.

Yet these anti-Christian people and this anti-Christ religion is what the EDL and BNP think we should be allied to! The EDL even use the Cross whilst defend Judaism -- don't they know that Jews spit on the Cross and hate Christ?

It is Easter Sunday.

Read the account of the Crucifixion. Learn your history! Watch The Passion of the Christ. Understand why there has been a 2000 year war between Christians and Judaism, and why the latter organised and sponsored Freemasonry, Communism and the Homosexual Lobby.

It has all been about destroying Christianity.


donna said...

Father forgive them, for they no what they do.

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