Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Israel and USA Behind Japan's 'Chernobyl'

The failing coolant systems in Fukushima, Japan were brought down by the Stuxnet virus, which effects some older coolant systems (the reason why Germany shut down its older reactors in the wake of the disaster).

The earthquake and tsunami didn't cause the release of radioactive materials - the USA/Israel Stuxnet virus did that!

Why is the world media ignoring the facts?

Why aren't we told of the criminal activities of these people (in yet another sovereign state) that will effect countless thousands of innocents?

Why are Neo-Cons, Zionists, the NWO (call them what you will) allowed to get away with this disaster against the Japanese people?

If Iran or similar were behind the virus it would be headlines day after day after day.

Time for the USA-Israel criminals to be brought to book.


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