Tuesday, 6 December 2011

BBC: Revisionists!

As it is illegal in so many countries to question the holyhoax (unlike the numbers who were massacred/wiped out by the Talmudic Communists), then the BBC must be hoping they don't get jailed for this bit of barefaced chutzpah:

Oh yes FC reader! Didntcha know that sub-Saharan negroes were champion knights in Romano-Celtic Britain.

Haven't you heard of the brave negro warriors who defended Britain from the influx of Saxon heathens?

This is Saturday night fodder for a brain dead generation who think Hitler was the goalkeeper in the 1966 world cup, or that Nelson was the name of the last space shuttle to orbit the earth. Let's not even try anything over 500 years old. (The Council of Trent was the Midlands local authority that started Winterval?)

Come on BBC! A negro as a Arthurian knight? Puuuuurlease!


Antony said...

Havent you heard, were all African! Wait till you see what they have planned for the Moorish invasion.

Anonymous said...

If the BBC is determined to portray Blacks as Whites (despite the historical falsity) as in Arthurian Britain, why won't they portray Whites as Blacks and bring back that old favourite 'The Black and White Minstrel Show'?

Anonymous said...

....and the Vikings had niggers amongst them, ask Kirk the Kike Douglas1

Fake tan surfer said...

Youse obviously don't know much about genetics. The "black" -(no offence) knight's mum was a "white" - (no offence) Albion crusader and she got raped by some "niggers" (no offence) whilst plundering in Africa! So, simply, the child knight was born "black" -(no offence ment). About his sister - Arfur's future queen of Albion, well, mum suffered from post traumatic shock of all that, so Gwen was born, slightly off colour and with Polynesian features; because she was on a stress leave in south Samoa! Q.E.D.!

Tanned crusader said...

No, I fink youre wrong! It was actually an Albion knight that raped a nigger woman whilst on plundering crusade in Africa. So, the nigger woman sued him at the International Court of Justice for paternal responsibility. To save the cost of the proceedings, the Albion night kidnapped the child and brought him back to Albion. Thus, under the "anti-discrimination regulations" enacted by fair king Arfur - they had to accept him into the knigthood. Additionally, since no white girl would have a "bar" of him, he became gay. SO, that would have been a double suit for discrimination. Then, came BBC to the rescue... and they all lived happily (gay) everafter....! Hm, well... we know the end..., don't we?!

Albionian said...

Alas, this B..B.S..Corporation! It could get bloomin "politically correct" worse...! What B.S. next...? Disillusioned king Arfur marries Merlin or the "black" night? Do any of the halfwits at B..B.S. Corp, know why the lands were then called "Albion"? Because ALL the inhabitants were bloomin WHITE - by race and by choice! "Albion" word meaning - WHITE! Without apologies!

Flying Tiger said...

Far worse than Sir Token of Brickstone is mulatto guinevere. Yuck.

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