Sunday, 18 December 2011

Vote for Nobody

Slightly nihilist - but worryingly near the truth as far as the party political system is concerned.


Anonymous said...

....and still the stupid will quite happily go and place their 'X' safely ensconced in their bovine ignorance!

It's about time that we made our people realise that just because they are White it doesn't make it alright and come the day they will have to explain themselves in our own courts of reconciliation, there is no bigger crime than treachery....this must also include the hollywood nazis, drunks, sex cases, thieves and other low life scum who have disparaged our Cause for decades.

Final Conflict said...


Anonymous said...

As an aside, have you seen 'Home for the holidays' (sub-titled the last temptation of Christmas, a 'clever' play on The Last Temptation of Christ?).

The premise of this show is that an engaged couple have to spend the week residing with each others families. The show is typical of how the sheeple think in material terms today, as different relatives are taken and tempted to accept trinkets but with the proviso that the couples wedding fund is reduced. Now anyone with morals would have decided that the show is not about them but is to better the startup chances of the couple, but then, television producers are not paid thousands upon thousands without having studied the way greed plays on the immoral.

Greed is one of the deadly sins, it is ridicilous that these sheeple harp on about Christmas but know absolutely sweet fa about Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Which is precisely why a spiritual revolution is needed. I hear a lot of talk about "Christianity" but when push comes to shove, it's often just a label that people like. NO! God is our creator and we must fight for the social reign of Jesus Christ his only Son and our Lord. Not Nick Griffin, Ian Edawrds, Brons or any of those other dreamers.

Anonymous said...

agreed anonymous 1. WHen talking about a day of reckoning for drunks, liars, thieves etc, my mind wondered to a man who sumns up all these dubious qualities who no doubt will reappear soon in his own joke outfit fighting for "Nationalist Unity" The worrying thing is people will fall for it.

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