Friday, 2 December 2011

Loyal to Whom? MP Attacked for Asking Fox/Werritty Questions

Paul Flynn MP is in trouble.

He has been central in asking why Fox, Werritty, Ambassador Gould and others met Israeli secret services in secret meetings, not covered by (top civil servant) Sir Gus O'Donnell's investigation into the Fox/Werritty affair, which picked just a couple of other less embarrassing meetings to look into.

The worry is that the Neo Cons, Fox and Werritty, with the Zionist Gould, were pushing behind the scenes for war with Iran and/or giving assurances to Israelis they had no right to give, re. attacks on Iran.

Just recently we've heard of explosions in Iran, which it is being hinted that "external forces" are behind. Given that the UK has invaded and changed government in Iran quite a few times (e.g. in 1940 - a war crime if Germany had done it), and that we are making noises against Iranian nuclear power aspirations, it is little wonder that Iranians attacked the British embassy.

Imagine if Iran had changed our government a few times, had illegally invaded us, had invaded our neighbours (either side) in the last decade and was now backing a terror state [Israel] (which holds illegal nukes) when it makes noises about bombing our sovereign soil?

Wouldn't we be more than a little peeved?

Yet because we are a "democracy" (in which we get to pick from Masondee and Masondum, choreographed by an oligarch media, in which 30% of the 30% who vote - work that out! - choose the government, and even then it breaks down to a few key marginals) we think we have the right to interfere with, attack and invade whoever doesn't do as we say (and no, democracy doesn't come into it as even by our warped standards, Saudi Arabia is a worse offender than Iran, and Iran treats all its subjects fairly, whereas Israel treats an ethnic group as virtual criminals).

So when an Ambassador is caught with his political trousers down in the Werrity/Fox Neo Con scandal (which involved a lot of Israeli money finding its way into their Atlantic Bridge grouping), why shouldn't an MP be free to ask questions without the old canard of "anti-Semitism" being thrown.

It is a scare tactic designed to silence all criticism, especially used against those who are not "anti-Jewish" but simply want answers when it comes to Zionist and Neo Con shenanigans which are trying to tip us into yet another needless and unwanted war, for Israeli interests.

Paul Flynn Accused of Anti-Semitism


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, as with all the political careerists (Churchill the ULTIMATE example!) the jews have enough 'dirt' on Flynn to render him neutred.

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