Friday, 30 December 2011

Child Abuse, Rape and More Covered Up: In the Name of Liberalism

Imagine an organisation which knowingly covers up child abuse.

An organisation which hides serious medicines and surgery (which may have long-term medical and psychological effects) from school children's parents.

An organisation that fails to report rape.

Worse still the organisation makes vast profits from its criminal cover-ups and even gets state funding!

Wouldn't there be a public outrage? Indignation from the media which usually loves exposing scandals?

Not when there's a central tenet of liberalism to protect!.

The money, backing and media-silence will continue because they have a civilisation to wreck and generations to ruin (and lots and lots of money to make!)

Go see: The Mona Lisa Project


Antony said...

when you're in the business of abortion all other crimes must seem superficial.

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