Tuesday, 27 December 2011

BOYCOTT TESCO'S Christians Opposed to 'Gay Marriage' are not EVIL

Tesco's head of research and development, Nick Lansley, has said that those Christians who oppose "gay marriage" (sic) are "evil."

Not wrong. Not misguided. Not mistaken. EVIL.

May I suggest that everyone who is opposed to "gay marriage" do not step foot inside Tesco's from now on!

We cannot allow people who are defending the sanctity of marriage to be abused in this way by a head honcho at Tesco's, who would no doubt be sacked if he said homosexuality was disordered and laws promoting "homosexual equality" were evil. As it was, he was not sacked for his perverted views against a majority of Christians, who are still a majority in the UK.

It is time for all of us to make a stand and this is something which everyone of us can do, and we can get our friends and relatives to do it too.

It's no big deal. Even if it's just pointing them towards some other supermarket. It is one single step, not perfect, but it might make a difference. Tell your friends and relatives. If you attend a church, spread the word there too, even ask for a small notice to be put on the noticeboard or in the newsletter.

It may not change the world, but we must empower those people who are sick of the onslaught against marriage, our Faith and our traditions so that we become an army of people who make the money men realise they cannot attack us with impunity.

Every time they speak out: we must be there. Every assault on our way of life: we must repel.

In this times when money is an even more precious commodity for families and businesses, let's hurt these callous scumbags where it hurts - in their tills.

Every family turned away from Tesco's is £80 - £150 pounds per week taken out of their grasp.

SPREAD THE WORD. Shop elsewhere. Get friends, relatives, work colleagues, members of your community to shop elsewhere.

Bring this up in conversations over the garden fence, at the water cooler. Publish it on your blog, in facebook, on twitter and wherever else you can spread the word to as many people as possible.

We will not be attacked. We will not be besmirched. Will will not face the calumnies of big businessmen and the pink mafia.

Will will defend marriage. And we will boycott Tesco's.

Thanks to Integrity and Action blog for passing on this story.

To quote their blog entry:

A study last month showed that only six places of worship out of more than 40,000 across the country want to host civil partnership ceremonies. 

Give it a few years and this will be foisted on more and more churches! That is how the liberal sickness and moral cancer spreads. Unless we draw the line in the sand today.


Anonymous said...

If we all boycott Tesco they will definately feel the pinch as Sainsbury and Morrisons are making an impact.

Never mind running about like a bunch of spoilt White middle class prats as witnessed in Bristol that won't change anything....as with all Talmudics, profit is the bottom line....always!

Rufus said...

Tesco are despicable. The takeover of the UK by massive supermarkets has wreaked havoc on the nation. Where I live we have several Tescos, an ASDA, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi, Sainsbury etc, but no independent grocers at all. Only a few years ago, we had independent fishmongers, greengrocers, sweet shops, tabacconists, news agents, etc, but all these gone. the only independent food shops we have are takeaways - of which we must have at least a hundred!

Boycotting internationalist organisations such as Tesco is hard work; but important work. It looks like its Aldi for me then. Not perfect, but not as bad as TesCohens...

Final Conflict said...

We can tell prople to make small steps.

If they have the money - shop locally [even look first. Some butchers, greengrocers are cheaper]

If not, try the smaller supermarkets. But the overall message right now must be boycott Tescos.

If there R&D fellow questioned coloured immigration he'd be out on his ear.

We have to let Tescos know that "hate crime" against Christians - by queers or liberals - will not be accepted.

We are not legitimate targets and we will fight back.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Aldi or Lidl established by German National Socialists?

Anonymous said...

With the latest Gay promotion Tescos are once again emphasising, as a previous poster said, that profit is the 'bottom' line.

Anonymous said...

Greetings FC.Not been on your site for a while this report doesn't surprise me as the agenda is to destroy christianity and nationalism.The name escapes me but i'm sure some American politician has said that devout christains are extremists one only has to look at what that communist Clinton did at Waco ! And christians stood by and did nothing ! Boycot Tesco's for sure,they're owned by Satan's chosen ones anyway.
Happy new year,Whiteboar.

Anonymous said...

Through "cross-border mergers, acquisitions and alliances in [European Community] food-retailing and creation of "world cartels" the Aldi company has been taken over and controlled by Turkish moguls with interests in Germany, enabling another foothold for Turkey to enter the EU in the final conquest of the "West" (infidels) by the "East"!

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