Thursday, 22 December 2011

Support FC - Spread the Word

A great way to support FC, educate fellow nationalists and ensure more of them know there is a sane alternative to the right-wing Neo Con nonsense that's been spread for years, is to distribute back copies of FC magazine.

For £7 we will send you [post included in the UK] 5 copies of an FC issue. For 10 copies it's £13, and for 20 copies it's just £21.

Great for selling or handing out at functions, on activities, to local supporters etc.

If you'd like to help us - and help nationalism - in this way, please drop us a line c/o

Thanks for your support.


Rufus said...

A very good read indeed. Hopefully more to come (especially with CD Roms attached - less than subtle hint!)

Anonymous said...

FC, the pic on the front. Where's it from? Thanks.

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