Monday, 26 December 2011

Stabbings in London's West End

Consumerism, multi-culturalism, gang culture?

Oxford Street Boxing Day crowds - Whites are a minority
What was behind the stabbings and murder in London's West End which started when "two groups of youths" (media/police code for West Indians, usually) argued in the trainer shop Foot Locker?

A fight over the latest fashion of training shoes? An argument over "respect?" Or a post code gang fight?

What's for sure is that the norms of society are falling apart and our politicians are powerless to stop this kind of nonsense. More liberal, 60s failed dogma wll not solve this mess.

Consumerism, multi-culturalism, gang culture -- all have to go if we are to stop more violence and nihilism, whether it's Summer riots or Boxing Day stabbings.

Who the hell goes shopping with a concealed weapon? It's time to end the chaos.

Oxford Street Stabbings


Anonymous said...

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It is interesting to play 'spot the Whitey' in all the footage of the Oxford St. incident, beats Where's Wally?

Anonymous said...

The Magic Nigger Phenomenon seems only to apply to niggers who have been made good!

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