Friday, 9 March 2012

Fractional Reserve Banking - Letter to the Irish Examiner

Free our money from grip of central banks
Tuesday, March 06, 2012

So many of those who should know better will ask where will we get our future money if we fail to pass this proposed treaty.

After all the "markets" are closed to us.

Ever wonder exactly what are the markets?

After all the only people who can create money are the central banks of the world.

The markets you will find are often just people/institutions that themselves borrow money from central banks and then lend it to nations like Ireland.

So the middle man is gone and now the central banks themselves issue our nation’s money directly.

So really the markets are an illusion.

The central banks of course are privately owned and don’t have the money they lend.

Not only that but they commit double fraud by never creating any of the interest owed to them. So to those who should know better, my answer would be that our nation state and all the nation states of the world should issue their own money, free from the tyrannical grip of the current Ponzi scheme central banking model.

Barry Fitzgerald


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